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My name is Jerry and I was born in Dallas, TX. I was around 12 the first time I shot a paintball. HOLY COW that was eye-opening... oh yeah, I couldn't believe how much the sting of getting hit was. I remember to this day the adrenaline rush after getting plucked off by some guy probably 20 years older than me. Please join in and share your experience with the different gear reviews on the site. Drop a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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9 Best Paintball Harnesses

In paintball, once the game starts, you’re left to survive and win the game by using whatever gear you have on you.  That is why there is such an emphasis on having enough ammo and having all of the essentials with you so that you aren’t left defenseless and unable to shoot back midway through

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7 Best Fireproof Gun Safes

Paintballing is undoubtedly one of the most fun pastimes that exist, and once you get into it, it becomes a real sport.Any good paintballer will have their own paintballing gun which they are used to using and can successfully use every time that they play the sport.While some paintballing ranges will allow you to store

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Empire Axe 2.0 Review

When it comes to having a high-performance, traditional slim design of paintball gun, then you can’t go far wrong with the Empire Axe 2.0. Boasting an impressive scoring on Amazon and other paintball enthusiast websites, this is one for paintballers who want something a bit heftier, coming in a larger design than some of the

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9 Best Speedball Guns

Speedball: it’s the fast-paced, extra challenging variant of traditional paintball, and it’s been gaining popularity over the last few decades. Speedball is a subcategory of paintball, played on an open, symmetrical field where the teams start within shooting range of each other and must contend with additional obstacles to capture the opponent’s flag(s).Because speedball is derived

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Best Paintball Equipment

If you’re looking to get into paintball as a regular hobby, you have probably tried it out a few times. So, you know that paintball requires a surprising amount of equipment. You can’t just show up with a marker and hope for the best.This will likely get you injured as paintballing can hurt a lot

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7 Best Paintball Barrels

Serious paintball players will often go to great lengths to enhance the performance of their paintball guns.This can involve anything from performing extra maintenance tasks to replacing the paintball marker altogether in favor of something higher-end. If any of the above resonates with you, stick around because we have some good news!What if we told you

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9 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

In the heat of an intense battle on the airsoft field a good sniper rifle could be the decider between a win and a loss. I’m sure we’ve all seen those montages of pro airsofters massacring noobs and equally skilled players with their insane sniping abilities. The last thing you want during a fierce 1v1

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7 Best Paintball Hoppers

When it comes to paintball, having the best possible gear is absolutely vital. Especially because it’s a fast-paced and highly competitive environment, and once you’re out of ammo or your gear jams, you’re left vulnerable in front of the enemy. Paintball hoppers are one of the most important pieces of gear, often overlooked. A hopper,

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