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My name is Jerry and I was born in Dallas, TX. I was around 12 the first time I shot a paintball. HOLY COW that was eye-opening... oh yeah, I couldn't believe how much the sting of getting hit was. I remember to this day the adrenaline rush after getting plucked off by some guy probably 20 years older than me. Please join in and share your experience with the different gear reviews on the site. Drop a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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Empire Sniper Review

An exceptionally durable, tournament-level paintball gun. A real tournament level paintball gun that looks outstanding and keeps durability in mind. You can guarantee premium top-notch quality performance on the field with the Empire Sniper.It is a high-quality pump un which is based on famous WGP snipers or the Autococker design as it can also be […]

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9 Best Paintball Pants

Paintballing is a chance to have fun in a unique and specialized environment with your friends (or maybe even rivals), but amidst all the excitement leading up to and during a session, it’s easy to forget just how dangerous it is.If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking a paintball to an unguarded area of

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5 Best Magfed Paintball Guns

If you are an experienced paintball player, then you might already be sick and tired of the traditional method of loading your gun, with its slow reload time and it’s single pump and trigger pull system. To get quicker and faster at paintball, you’re going to want a gun that can keep up with you.Magazine-fed

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8 Best Belly Band Holsters

My ideal citizen is the self-employed, homeschooling, IRA-owning guy with a concealed carry permit. Because that person doesn’t need the government for anything – Grover Norquist The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable place. Every single time we go online or turn the television on, there’s a news bulletin about a riot, a mass

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6 Best Paintball Guns

Paintballing is a sport or hobby that is growing hugely in popularity.It’s the perfect game for a team bonding exercise with you and your work colleagues or a great bachelor party gift for your soon-to-be-married friend. It’s a game of endurance, skill, dexterity, hand-eye coordination and stealth.But why rent a paintball gun at your nearest

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