Empire Axe 2.0 Review

When it comes to having a high-performance, traditional slim design of paintball gun, then you can’t go far wrong with the Empire Axe 2.0.

Boasting an impressive scoring on Amazon and other paintball enthusiast websites, this is one for paintballers who want something a bit heftier, coming in a larger design than some of the other conventional models.

A lot of seasoned paintballers have complained that earlier versions of a similar model such as the Mini GS and the Empire Mini were simply too limited for the complex style of playing they were doing.

They wanted a gun that was far more durable, had more accurate sight and more versatility in reloading.

But what are the great features of the Empire Axe 2.0? What materials have gone into its composition to make it such a killer on the paintball field? What elements does the Empire Axe 2.0 lack that might result in you feeling stranded during play? How much can you be expected to pay for an Empire Axe 2.0?

Well, paintball enthusiasts need not worry themselves, as we’ve got a comprehensive review of the Empire Axe 2.0, its performance, its durability as well as a list of pros and cons. This way you can be sure about whether or not this gun will help you or hinder you when you’re out paintballing.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker - Dust Black

Design Specifications

Okay, first we’re going to start with the Empire Axe’s overall design and materials.

This comes with a very resilient aluminum frame that will be great to handle, being of a bulkier design than other guns of a similar shape, as well as heavier.

However, to counteract these heavier materials, the designers have built this gun in a very sleek and easy-to-use fashion, with a barrel that weighs in between 2 and 4-ounces.

The weight is also distributed freely throughout the weapon, giving you great balance in the head in a way that won’t mess with your aim.

The trigger action on this paintball gun is very efficient and responsive, it will neither discharge paintball pods too easily nor will you have to squeeze it too hard for that decisive shot.

The trigger is housed in a frame, so you shouldn’t have too many problems reaching and squeezing off a few shots before your opponent.

You can even adjust this trigger to make it more or less responsive, which really will be a relief for those who know their shooting style and have trouble finding a gun that is responsive enough for their needs.

The trigger can be switched between 3 different styles of responsiveness.

The in-line bolt design is also very streamlined and designed for comfortable usage, with very little sticking or jamming. If you do experience blockages in your weapon, there is a bolt removal system that doesn’t require any tools to do so.

This is due to the ingenious design that this gun utilizes, a single pin locking system that keeps the frame fixed in place during play, which you won’t have to worry about coming loose when things get very frenetic.

If you do find yourself experiencing a jam during play, you won’t have to call it a day - you can disassemble your gun quickly to dislodge a jam, resembling it to resume your game.

The Durability

This gun is manufactured from aluminum to forge a very resilient and durable weapon that will be able to resist a lot of the corrosive elements that you might experience due to adverse weather conditions.

This means no rust, as well as reduced scratches and scuffs which will, over time, severely impeded the functionality of your weapon.

When it comes to intensive play, this gun certainly won’t let you down. The components are all made from either metal or high-grade plastic components, trading off reliability with an overall lightweight design. This will be crucial for maneuverability and getting the target in your sights quickly and efficiently.

You can fire off plenty of shots in quick succession with the Empire Axe 2.0, the barrel itself has a built-in sight that will aim straight and true no matter how intensive the atmosphere is around you.

Some users have reported that the hopper could be a little more accommodating for larger brands of ammunition.

The marker on this gun is also very durable, which will be resistant to wear and tear for long periods.

This also has a non-slip grip in the handle, which is generously sized and will ultimately allow you to wield it smoothly without it slipping out of your hands.

It also has dual handles which means you can get a more accurate grip on your aim and trajectory.


Next up we’re talking about a gun feature that paintballers value above anything else when out in the field: firepower.

This marker has an operating pressure of around 200 PSI, which means that your rate of fire will be strong and durable, ideal for tournaments or intensive recreational playing.

This paintball gun also comes with a shockwave board that you can use to switch between numerous firing rates that includes semi, ramp, burst or full-auto.

This will enable you to switch between various shooting styles, perfect if for one match you fancy going stealth and for another your fancy unleashing hell on your opponents.

On the lowest pressure setting, you can be sure that any low-density paintball pods that you happen to be using won’t explode on their way out of the gun barrel.

You can service this gun externally with a lot of ease, giving the user the utmost control over repairs in the field.

The Pros - Some Of The Best Things About The Empire Axe 2.0

This gun has plenty of features that will improve your game quite considerably, giving you incredible performance with a responsive trigger that will not only result in comfortable play but an extremely accurate shot.

The streamlined frame will be appealing to traditional paintball gun fans who have become accustomed to these styles of marker.

The thin barrel accommodates for a very straight trajectory. The frame is much larger than previous models of Empire weapons, so those who found these earlier models too delicate to wield might be intrigued by this unit.

Ultimately, a sleeker design means that your hands have a lot more space to work with, allowing them greater control over the gun, which in turn improves accuracy, repairability, and the trajectory of your shot. Having the ability to adjust your gun without obstacles will be perfect for the seasoned player.

This is a gun certainly aimed at the intermediate or advanced level of players who know intimately the style of playing they’re going to be doing and might be sick and tired of smaller guns that break after only a few months of intense usage.

If you are a hardcore player and engage in rougher play such as paintball tournaments in muddy, wet or dry and dusty terrain, then you’ll want a model of paintball gun that can withstand the shocks of being thrown against the dirt or dropped during an intense firefight.

Consistency is another major boon for this Empire Axe 2.0, reducing the occurrence of things like clogged balls and ammunition that gets chopped before it’s even left the chamber. The firepower is high velocity and will remain so throughout the first 6 months if maintained properly.

This gun has an HPA tank that delivers a powerful and high volume level of shot before the first refilling.

With the assurance that you have a decent payload, you can enjoy the first few shots without having to worry about your ammunition depleting and having to find somewhere to reload.

One of the major perks of this model will also be the ability to disassemble and unclog it quickly and efficiently when you’re out in the field.

However, with firing mechanisms as reliable as this gun's, you probably won’t be finding yourself doing too much of that.

During repair, players will often worry that they’re damaging the functionality of their gun, but with the Empire’s simple and robust parts, the chances of this happening are extremely limited.

You will also have a full maintenance kit that means you won’t have to fork out any additional cash on tools.

The Cons - Some Of The Worst Things About The Empire Axe 2.0

One of the main downsides of using the Empire Axe 2.0 is that the overall larger design and streamlined barrel will take a while for you to become acclimatized to.

This isn’t made easier by the fact that the marker doesn’t come with a detailed manual and you might have to hunt around online for a tutorial.

Also, the state-on-the-art circuit board will certainly be quite difficult for a newbie paintballers to get to grips with.

Without a detailed user manual, you might expect to find yourself trawling through the internet for hours trying to find how to handle and repair this thing.

You might also run into problems negotiating with the gauges, as sometimes they aren’t the most accurate or reliable models on the market.

Often the readings of your marker might be off by as much as 20 PSI, which you definitely won’t want to experience when you’re in a tournament and need that additional precision.

If you have increasingly erratic readings and misfires in your Empire Axe 2.0, then most likely you have a defective model that we would recommend that you return it to the manufacturer immediately.

Some users of this weapon have also complained about the feedneck design, which is far less easy to use than the clamping-style feedneck of the Mini GS.

You’ll have to take extra special care when using this paintball gun, as feeding your paintball pods in too quickly might result in your gun becoming far less functional over time.

Pros And Cons Of The Empire Axe 2.0 Breakdown


  • Excellent streamlined design
  • Heavy aluminum body that is resistant to various weathers
  • Responsive trigger
  • Great repairability in the field
  • Best gun for use in tournaments
  • Great price


  • Gauges have been reported as inaccurate
  • The larger design of the frame might take getting used to
  • The feedneck could be larger

Our Final Say

If you’ve been using the Mini GS for some time now but find it slightly too delicate to handle, then we would recommend that you opt for this model. It comes with a much sturdier aluminum design, which is both weatherproof and has a consistent trajectory and rate of fire.

You can use the responsive trigger for tournaments where you expect to expend quite a high volume of paintballs in quick succession, although we would look into alternatives for your hopper, as it might not be as flexible to use as some other models on the market.

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