6 Best Paintballs

When it comes to paintball, having the right gear can significantly up your game and help you win.

The paintballs themselves, although they might not seem like it, are super important, and they can directly affect how good of a shot you are! 

Higher quality ammo is usually better designed to impact your target accurately, without altering the trajectory of your aim. Paintballs that are low-quality and badly designed might end up leaking and clogging your marker, which can get in the way of your win.

That is why it really is worth it to invest a little more into getting the best possible paintballs, that way you have the right ammo to be at the top of your game. 

There are plenty of paintball options available in today’s market, with the ammo coming in many different types, sizes, and quality levels. There’s plenty to choose from, but the issue is knowing how to determine which product is truly the best and most suited to you.

There are lots of things that need to be considered, above all, that the paintballs suit your gun. To help out, we’ve compiled a list with our top six picks for the overall best paintballs, and you can simply choose which product is best for your needs.

In a hurry?

If you’ve got a paintball game coming up and you’re prepping your gear to ensure you play your best, you’re going to need some high-quality ammo.

If you’re in a hurry to find the best possible paintballs, we recommend you check out our number one top pick: the Valken Store Infinity Paintballs.  

The Valken Store is the best for purchasing high-quality and reliable paintballs. The Infinity paintballs, in particular, are incredibly popular and recommended for paintball players of all levels.

They’re a .68 caliber, available in several colors with bright shells and a bright marking fill. Thanks to how cost-effective they are, you’re guaranteed the best quality at an accessible price.

They’re designed to shoot straight, enhancing your accuracy, and break on target. With a smooth performance that is compatible with practically all paintball guns, they truly are the best option.


Valken Infinity Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct - Pink-Pink Fill

When it comes to paintballs, the Valken Store really is the leading brand with the most reliable and high-quality paintball options.

It is no wonder, therefore, that we have four different Valken paintball options on our list!

The Valken Store Infinity Paintballs are our favorite product thanks to the overwhelming number of positive reviews and ratings by satisfied customers, and thanks to how high-quality they are, making them incredibly high-value for the accessible price they are available for. 

The product comes with 2000 count cases, protected by cardboard dividers so they arrive in top condition. They are .68 caliber paintballs, and they are available in yellow, orange, pink, or white.

They are incredibly cost-effective, with bright shell colors and a bright marking fill. The shell is also designed to be thicker, making it more durable and perfect for the entry level marker.

They shoot straight and they break right on target, and they are especially ideal for woods ball and for recreational play.

They offer a consistent accuracy and unbeatable quality, with a smooth performance compatible with any paintball gun.

Overall, the Infinity paintballs are highly recommended and favored by most paintball players, as they really are of the highest quality. 


  • High-quality and reliable leading brand
  • 2000 count cases protected by cardboard dividers
  • .68 caliber paintballs, available in yellow, orange, pink, or white
  • Thicker shell, more durable and ideal for entry level marker
  • Ideal for woods ball and recreational play - compatible with all paintball guns
  • They shoot straight and break on target - excellent quality and accuracy 


  • No significant downsides


GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs - Shell Varies - Aqua Fill (1,000 Count)

The GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs are another excellent product choice for high-quality and reliable ammo during your paintball game, and it’s a very close second on our list of top picks.

The product comes as a bag of 500 paintballs, with a standard .68 caliber. The shell color can vary, but they have a fill color of aqua blue. These paintballs are especially suited to use in tournament practice, scenario games, or general paintball play.

The Midnight paintballs have been designed mainly for recreational purposes, but they are also highly dependable and they rarely ever break up in a marker, making them ideal for advanced purposes.

Another amazing thing about the midnight paintballs is that the aqua blue fill washes off of your paintball gear really easily, making them super convenient.

The shell that they feature is incredibly durable, guaranteeing that they won’t break in your paintball gun, making a mess of it and ruining your shooting.

Overall, they are a great value for the price and a favorite amongst customers for practice purposes. 


  • Bag of 500 paintballs with a standard .68 caliber
  • Shell color varies, with an aqua blue fill color
  • Ideal for tournament practice, scenario games, and general play
  • The fill washes off from your gear very easily - very convenient
  • Highly durable shell to ensure the paintball doesn’t break in your gun
  • Great value for the price


  • Better suited to practice rather than advanced or professional playing


Valken Tango Paintballs - 68 Cal 500 Count - White Fill (Shell color may vary)

Another incredible option by the Valken Store is the Valken Store Tango Paintballs, which are of course of very high-quality and very reliable to guarantee that you play at the top of your capabilities.

This product comes as a bag of 500 paintballs, with different shell colors and a fill color that is available in orange, white, and yellow.

These paintballs have a standard .68 caliber, and they originate from Mexico. The price of these paintballs class them as entry-level, but they are of great value thanks to the high-quality that they actually offer.

They’ve been designed with a very dense shell that can withstand different temperatures, meaning that they will remain intact when stored away and that they won’t break when loaded into your gun.

They are also a very versatile option, as they are suited to both recreational use and advanced tournaments.

The fill paint is free from any oil, meaning it will be very easy to clean off of your paintball gear, making them a lot more convenient.

Overall, they shoot straight and break on target, providing you with the quality ammo you need to shoot at your best. 


  • Highly-quality and reliable leading brand
  • Bag of 500 paintballs with a .68 caliber
  • Fill color available in orange, white, and yellow - easy to wash off
  • A very dense shell that can withstand temperature changes - unlikely to break 
  • Versatile option - suitable for recreational play and advanced tournaments 
  • A popular product for entry-level thanks to the accessible price


  • Some customers have received the wrong fill color - double check your order 


Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs - .68 Caliber - Color May Vary (Orange/Yellow) (Orange/Yellow)

If you’re looking for a good amount of paintballs to serve as ammunition during practice sessions and training purposes, you’re going to need affordable paintballs that aren’t necessarily as high-quality when it comes to the strength of the shell.

Especially if it’s to start practicing at a beginner level, the Loader Basic Training Paintballs are a great option that might just be what you’ve been looking for.

The product comes as a bag of 500 paintballs with a standard .68 caliber. The shell coloring will vary, but the fill color is available in either orange or yellow.

They have been designed specifically for training purposes, as they are very cost-effective without having the need to have an incredibly high-quality shell, but they are good enough to ensure they don’t break in your gun while firing.

The fill colors they come in are also thought for high-visibility, allowing you to easily check whether or not you’ve hit the target, tracking your progress.

Overall, they’re a practical option for those that want to train without spending too much money on ammo, and they get the job done without causing any issues! 


  • Bag of 500 paintballs with a standard .68 caliber
  • Shell coloring varies, fill color available in orange and yellow
  • Specifically designed for training purposes - very cost-effective 
  • Decent quality, they won’t break in your gun
  • Accessible and perfect for beginners 


  • No significant downsides


Valken Graffiti Paintballs - 68cal - 2000ct

Yet another product by the Valken Store that we’ve included in our list of top picks, is the Valken Store Graffiti Paintballs, an incredibly popular option amongst customers, and considered to be of premium quality, better suited to advanced or professional paintball players.

The product comes with 2000 paintballs of a standard .68 caliber. The shell can come in different colors, and the fill color is a vibrant yellow that is very visible.

They’re manufactured to reach a premium quality, with a rugged shell that is weather-resistant and able to withstand temperature changes, guaranteeing that it won’t break within your gun to cause a blockage.

They’re ideal for advanced and professional tournaments, as they are incredibly reliable and allow for a rapid output.

They also help enhance your aim, as they provide a superior flight path to hit the target as intended.

They can be used with conventional hopper-fed loaders and with magazine-fed systems, making them versatile in their use.

They are slightly more expensive than other product options on this list, but they sure are worth it if you’re playing at a high level. 


  • High-quality and reliable leading brand
  • 2000 paintballs with a standard .68 caliber
  • Vibrant yellow fill color for visibility
  • A premium quality rugged shell that is weather-resistant 
  • Ideal for advanced and professional tournaments
  • Rapid output and superior flight path for enhanced aim and performance


  • They’re a slightly more expensive option


Valken Fate Paintballs - 50 Caliber - 2,000ct - White Fill-Shell Colors Varies

Last but not least on our list of top picks, we’re ending with another Valken Store product to leave you with a taste for high-quality and reliability.

The Valken Store Fate Paintballs come as a pack of 2000 counters, with a smaller .50 caliber. This makes the Fate paintballs ideal for narrower barrels.

They uphold a good standard of quality, with a durable outer shell that is able to withstand temperature changes for reliable storage, as well as remaining whole when loaded into your marker, therefore avoiding any blockages or leaking problems.

The vibrant yellow color of the outer casing makes these paintballs ideal for training purposes, as they are highly visible and very easy to track in their trajectory when fired.

They’re also a great value for the price, and offer practicality and convenience for a game of paintball without having to worry about any issues caused by the ammo.


  • High-quality and reliable leading brand
  • Pack of 2000 with a smaller caliber of .50
  • Durable outer shell that can withstand temperature changes
  • Vibrant yellow casings for visibility and for tracking the trajectory 
  • Ideal for training purposes - good value and cost-efficient


  • Not the standard caliber

6 Best Paintballs Buying Guide

When it comes to competitive sports, including paintball, having the right gear can significantly help enhance your capabilities so that you’re playing as best as possible.

The protective gear and the marker are obvious ones, but something that is often overlooked is the ammo. High-quality paintballs can help ensure that you don’t have any issues when loading them into your marker, causing a blockage so you can’t fire.

They can also have enhanced flight paths to help you gain more accuracy with your aim, breaking right on target every single time. Meanwhile, low-quality paintballs are more likely to break or crack, causing a mess where they shouldn’t. 

With so many options in the market, we know that it can be tricky to determine which paintballs are the best option. Truth is, it depends on what the intended purpose for them is.

Are they for practice and beginner levels, or are they for professional tournaments? What kind of budget do you have? These are questions you need to be able to answer before choosing your paintballs. 

Here are a few of the basic factors that we like to take into consideration when choosing: 

Caliber and compatibility:

It’s really important that before you purchase the paintballs you check that they are the right caliber to be compatible with the paintball gun that you will be using.

If they don’t fit and aren’t the right size, you won’t be able to use them with your gun, and therefore they’ll be useless. 

Fill paint color:

The shell color of the paintball is not always the same as the fill paint color, so you should always check just in case! Most brands of paintballs will usually offer several different choices of color, allowing you to choose your favorite. 

If you want a highly visible color that you can easily track or check for aim, then we recommend you choose vibrant bright colors such as orange or yellow. For any other purposes, you can simply go for your personal favorite.

Another thing you can check, when it comes to the paint fill, is whether or not it contains oil. Paint that is free of oil is a lot easier to wash off, helping you keep your gear clean and undamaged. 

Quality and durability of the shell:

The quality of a paintball almost always resides in the design and manufacturing of its outer shell. It’s important that the shell is thick and durable enough to withstand different temperature changes and minor impacts, to ensure that it remains unbroken during storage and transportation.

The higher quality the shell is, the less likely it will be for the paintball to break while inside your gun, causing a blockage and a mess, so it really is important! 

Certain designs can also provide a superior flight path for better accuracy and aim, as well as having a faster output and breaking right on target. 

Tournament vs recreational purposes:

Very often, paintballs are designed with specific uses in mind, so knowing the way in which you’re planning to use them can very much help your decision-making. 

Paintballs that are designed for recreational purposes are often referred to as training paintballs, as they are a lot more cost-effective and have no need to bother with a premium quality shell. What they need is to be decently durable, and to be as low-price as possible, as well as for opting for more visible colors. 

Meanwhile, paintballs designed for professional tournaments, need to have superior outer shells to ensure the best performance possible, as they’ll be playing competitively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What caliber paintball should I buy?

The caliber of paintball that you buy should depend on the marker that you’re going to be using. It’s vital that the paintballs fit your marker and have the right caliber, or else you won’t be able to use them. 

The standard and most commonly used caliber is a .68, so this is the most popular type of paintball purchased by both beginners and professional players. They should, as a general rule, fit most paintball markers and are therefore the safest option if you are in doubt. 

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