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My name is Jerry and I was born in Dallas, TX. I was around 12 the first time I shot a paintball. HOLY COW that was eye-opening... oh yeah, I couldn't believe how much the sting of getting hit was. I remember to this day the adrenaline rush after getting plucked off by some guy probably 20 years older than me. Please join in and share your experience with the different gear reviews on the site. Drop a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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6 Best Paintball Markers

Paintballing is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, isn’t it? There’s nothing like being out with your friends and family, enjoying the fresh air, and pelting balls of paint at each other.Paintball markers are an integral part of this, whether you are a keen paintballer or just discovering a new hobby.But which ones […]

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8 Best Tactical Backpacks

The last thing you want after a day of invigorating hiking is crippling back pain from a badly designed backpack.Maybe you’re struggling to find a bag that big enough to fit everything you need, but one that is still easy to commute with.Maybe you have a long trip coming up and you don’t want to

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6 Best Military Paintball Guns

Also known as mil-sim, military-style paintball guns are designed to replicate the real life firearms used by the US Army. Imitating the design of such weaponry makes for a more realistic and high-octane game of paintball for everyone involved.More models than ever are available right now, so choosing a marker can be difficult, especially if

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8 Best Camo Netting

Camo netting is typically used in the military, but it has branched out and is now used in many different ways and for many purposes, as it is an incredibly useful tool to allow for camouflage out in the wild.They are essentially nets that are colored to be camouflaged, and that can be draped and

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6 Best Paintballs

When it comes to paintball, having the right gear can significantly up your game and help you win. The paintballs themselves, although they might not seem like it, are super important, and they can directly affect how good of a shot you are! Higher quality ammo is usually better designed to impact your target accurately, without

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12 Best Tactical Boots

Before you even think about setting foot onto a paintball field you need to ensure that your equipment, accessories and clothing are up to scratch. Paintballing can be notoriously painful, as balls are shot at quite some force. Because of this, we advise against compromising on the quality of your gear, particularly equipment such as

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8 Best Ankle Holsters

Whether you’re playing paintball or airsoft or going on a tactical mission while carrying more than one weapon, an ankle holster can become incredibly useful.Especially for games such as paintball or airsoft in which you are on the go and have to carry everything you need to last the full game, an ankle holster can

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8 Most Realistic Paintball Guns

Realistic paintball guns are designed to mimic a military environment. This is to enhance gameplay, as paintballing is a suitable simulation to situations such as warzones or post-apocalyptic landscapes.  Whilst paintball is only a game and not made for actual war scenarios, a lot of players use paintball for cosplay or even training purposes as

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Tippmann A5 Review

We know that you’re reading this article for one of three reasons: You’re new to paintball and you don’t know what gun to invest in You’re pretty experienced in the world of paintball and you’re looking for an upgrade You’ve heard a lot about the Tippmann A-5 and you want to know if it’s worth the moneyThis may

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