9 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

In the heat of an intense battle on the airsoft field a good sniper rifle could be the decider between a win and a loss. I’m sure we’ve all seen those montages of pro airsofters massacring noobs and equally skilled players with their insane sniping abilities.

The last thing you want during a fierce 1v1 sniper battle is for your rifle to be the lesser machine and lose because of it. New and better equipment won’t always up your game but it sure as hell will give you a much better chance of winning those altercations. 

A word of advice for anyone new to airsofting that wants to go straight in with a good sniper rifle; don’t.

Until you have a good sense of how airsoft battles are conducted and a lay of the land on which your battles will commence it just isn’t worth hefting around a heavier, sometimes single shot rifle that will make you a sitting duck on the battlefield. 

Being the designated sniper on the team is a huge responsibility and requires panther-like stalking skills, the patience of a monk and the eyes of an eagle, without these you’re essentially roadkill waiting to be put out of its misery.

We’d recommend beginners to start with a semi automatic gas or electric rifle that can be used in close to mid-range situations. Once you have a good understanding of airsoft matches then upgrade to a sniper rifle and wreck your opponents from a distance. 

An airsoft sniper rifle is also a hefty investment, it may not cost a huge amount for the gun upfront but effective sniper engagements require a good sight, compelling camouflage and either stabilizing legs or a wrap to protect the body of your gun.

We’ll mostly be looking at the bare models in this list so make sure you’re covered for sights and other accessories.

If however you are a seasoned vet and know what you’re doing in the arena then we’ve got you covered, we’ve put together a list of the best airsoft sniper rifles currently available and why they might be good for you.

Obviously each component will be subject to your personal play style so we’ve included a buyer’s guide to arm you with the knowledge you need to choose your own rifle.  

In a Rush?

Is the weekend MilSim fast approaching and the guys have chosen you as designated scout and cover?

Not to worry we’ve got our top pick right here for you with just a few reasons why we love it.


Well MB4411G Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle (OD)

This great all rounder from Well is a great bolt action sniper rifle with a few hidden features.

This is a bare rifle without any included accessories and should be purchased with accessories factored into the budget.

  • Half metal half polymer construction.
  • 430FPS with 0.2g BBs.
  • Adjustable hop-Up system.
  • 30 Round magazine.
  • Fully adjustable stock.

Well MB4411G Bolt Action

This rifle is modelled after russian ‘tactical’ snipers and comes with all the bells and whistles a bare sniper could. This is meant for the serious sniper and performs perfectly in capable hands.

The MB4411G is a bolt action spring powered sniper rifle that can output BBs at around 430FPS. With an extremely tight bore at 6.03mm this sniper will easily hit targets at 75+ yards with adequate sights.

You cannot change any major internal components of this rifle but it comes with extremely premium parts and you shouldn’t find the need to. The Hop-Up system is variable so adjusting this should help you zero in on targets. 

The extended Pic rail on the top of the gun is long enough to accept any scope and has standard measurements. Finding a sight for this gun would be very simple so choose whichever suits your playstyle best.

At 9 lbs this is not a light rifle. With additional extras and proper optics this rifle can top out at 10+ lbs so a sling is a must alongside a bipod or monopod. 

Thankfully the 4 Pic rail design Well has implemented leaves enough room for all accessories you could need as well as space for a sling loop. 

The end of the barrel is also threaded to allow for a muzzle brake or suppressor if that’s the look you’re going for.

You can also purchase extra 30 round magazines for this rifle if you need to but it has a quick loading system which may be more viable in the heat of battle. 


  • High quality metal and polymer construction.
  • 4 Pic rail system.
  • Ergonomic polymer pistol grip. 
  • Full adjustable stock and cheek rest. 
  • Up to 430FPS with adjustable hop-up.


  • Internal components aren’t easy to upgrade.


BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope M62 - Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Powerful FPS with .20g 6mm BBS

Next on our list is the M62 from BBTac, this rifle is great for beginners and comes with a scope. This rifle is great in the field and has an extremely reliable bolt action system with a powerful spring.

It can output BBs at 420 FPS at 0.2g. The gun is constructed solely from durable ABS and colored solid black for an urban aesthetic. The barrel and bolt are constructed from lightweight metal.

If need be this rifle can be upgraded with a new bore, trigger and sear with extra investment. It is however very reliable and has good accuracy at 50+ yards uncalibrated. The hop-up is adjustable through a dial on the side of the receiver. 

The M62 comes with a sight included, we would recommend replacing this sight with a more magnified and clear optic as this one is fairly low quality. The Pic rail is not big enough for huge sights but can take up to a 9x. 

The rifle comes in at only 4lbs and is fairly light to lug around. This is because of its mainly ABS plastic construction. You’d still do well to use a sling during combat but it won’t fatigue your arms as quickly. 

The Pic rail on the bottom of the barrel is large enough for most bipods or monopods but you would be hard pressed to get any other accessory down there.

In terms of accessibility this gun covers the bare minimum but you aren’t going to have the flashiest gun on the field.

The 20 round mags are fairly compact and easy enough to find online if you’re looking to purchase more.


  • Clean and reliable bolt action.
  • High powered spring.
  • mostly ABS plastic construction owes to lightweight.
  • Comes with a small sight included.
  • Clips hold 20 rounds.


  • Can’t add more accessories.


ASG TAC6 Black 6mm Airsoft CO2 Non-Blowback Rifle

The first gas powered rifle on our list, the Tac-6 from ASG, belongs near the top. It is a great rifle for long to mid range engagements and is also fairly gas efficient.

We’ve found that you can put about 100-125 rounds through this rifle before you would need to change the gas cartridge.

The gas powered system is capable of 450 fps. Similar to the last rifle, most of the body is high durability polymer with a metal barrel and internals.

This model is extremely accurate out of the box but doesn’t have any upgrade or tuning options. It doesn’t come with an adjustable hop-up but ASG claims there are calibrated before dispatch. 

The Tac-6 comes with a removable fibre optic front sight and a ghost ring at the rear. Thankfully the Pic rail is extremely long and can fit almost any sight so it’s completely up to you which one you choose.

The gun only weighs 3 ½ lbs and so is easy to carry around. It also comes with a foldable, detachable bipod included so this is another purchase you won’t have to make. 

Alongside the included bip ASG included a laser dot unit and spacing to carry extra CO2 cartridges onto the field.

The magazine only has a 15 round capacity but it is extremely low profile so carrying more wouldn’t be an issue. 


  • Highly efficient non-blowback gas system.
  • Included optics and bipod.
  • Up to 450 FPS. 
  • Low profile 15-round mag. 
  • Concealable extra CO2 cartridge in grip.


  • Hop-up is not adjustable.


ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The M40A3 is the second ASG gun on our list and functionally is similar to the BBTac rifle. It is a spring powered bolt action rifle capable of 400+ FPS.

This rifle is constructed mainly from high density polymer with metal components like the barrel. 

The gun has an adjustable hop-up system that can be adjusted on the fly and can be upgraded with compatible aftermarket parts from ASG. The gun fires extremely accurately out of the box however and can be great without tuning. 

This gun doesn’t come with an included sight like the M62 but does have a decently sized rail on top.The 7” Pic rail on top of the gun is large enough for up to a 9x scope and is very high quality.

At 4 lbs the gun is lighter than most bolt action guns but feel extremely sturdy, especially with a decent optic and a good bipod attached.

The only accessories that can be placed on this sniper is the bipod. There is a 2” Pic rail under the barrel that is made for a bipod or monopod only.

The 27 round magazines are easy enough to purchase online and are compact so can be carried in bulk onto the field. This gun does come with a speed loader so you may not need extra magazines. 


  • Spring power isn’t too high to make trigger pull difficult.
  • Durable materials.
  • Adjustable hop-up.
  • Higher capacity low profile mag.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.


  • No space for other accessories.


KWA AKG-KCR Full Metal 6mm Gas Blowback 40rd Airsoft Rifle, Black

The AKG-KCR from KWA is part of a line of AK inspired guns constructed from solid metal. The gas blowback system is capable of firing BBs at 420+ FPS.

The gun is constructed mainly from solid metal but the frip, stock and magazine are made from hard plastic to reduce weight and increase comfort.

The gun is powered by green gas as opposed to CO2 canisters meaning you can carry a large canister and refill on the fly if need be. 

The hop-up is completely adjustable and the barrel is threaded so that you can use whichever muzzle brake or suppressor you like.

The AKG-KCR comes with a decent set of iron sights installed but also a 7” Pic rail above the receiver so you can fit most optics onto the gun, with a range up to 100yards you’ll want at least a 3x scope.

At 8 ¾ Lbs with a fully loaded mag this is a heavy gun so we would definitely recommend a sling and also a bipod or monopod.

This rifle uses a 4 rail system that means you can fit grips alongside a bipod to the front (bear in mind that this will increase the weight of the gun). You also have enough space for lasers or other attachments you may want to add. 

The 40 round magazine is large enough that you shouldn’t need extra mags but a speed loader instead.


  • Solid Metal construction makes this gun accurate and sturdy.
  • Adjustable stock and hop-up.
  • Efficient green gas powered gun.
  • Enough rails for good customization.
  • 40 round magazine is great for semi-auto firing.


  • With optics and attachments gun can weigh 10+ Lbs.


No products found.

The Striker As-02 is a rifle of a different form to the ones we’re used to seeing on this list. Umarex has designed this sniper with mobility in mind.

This rifle would be great for Urban setting fields. This is a spring powered gun capable of firing pellets at 430FPS. The gun is constructed from sturdy polymer and heavy rubber to increase comfort of the butt stock.

This rifle is fairly accurate and offers an adjustable hop-up system in the way of a hop-up dial.

The gun is upgradeable and tuneable to a high degree, even things like the cheek rest and pistol grip can be switched out to more comfortable options. 

This rifle has a 6” rail on top for optics and can fit most mid range scopes. We would recommend a smaller scope or even a red dot sight as you are meant to be mobile with this gun.

The low weight of 1 ⅛ Lbs helps with this also. Depending on your loadout this is likely to increase but as a bare rifle this is a very low weight. 

There is a stud mount on the bottom of the barrel instead of a Pic rail so make sure whichever rest you purchase is made for stud mounts.

The gun comes with a 45 round mag and also a spare 60 round mag making you battle ready.


  • Lightweight Nylon-fiber build is ideal for mobile sniper.
  • Adjustable hop-up.
  • Changeable grip components.
  • Bipod stud instead of rail.
  • Comes with 2 magazines for 105 round capacity.


  • Safety switch is difficult to press.


Lancer Tactical Gen Il SPR Interceptor M4 Airsoft- Electric Full/Semi-Auto, 1000 Rounds Bag of 0.20g BBS, Battery& Charger Included-Black

The Interceptor from Lancer Tactical is a great mid to long range gun and is an AEG. This means that the gun excels in automatic and semi-automatic firing modes.

The electric motors can output BBs at up to 390 FPS. The gun is made from Nylon Polymer.

The gun has a tight bore which aids in accuracy but also comes with an adjustable hop-up for on the go tuning. The stock is also completely adjustable and holds the battery.

The top of the gun and barrel is basically one huge Picatinny rail and therefore you can fit any scope onto it. With an effective range up to 75 yards a good scope is recommended.

The magazine holds up to 300 rounds and you have 4 Pic rails around the front of the barrel to add bipods and other attachments. 


  • Solid Nylon Polymer build.
  • 300 round magazine.
  • Adjustable hop-up with tight bore.
  • Included iron sights are removable.


  • Range is reduced with heavier BBs


BBTac 470 fps wellfire aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle w/ scope pkg mb06d(Airsoft Gun) , Black, Large

This is the second BBTac Gun on our list and definitely deserves a place. This spring powered bolt action rifle is great for anyone getting into sniping.

The durable polymer and metal body is almost completely modular so you can upgrade this gun with no problems. It can fire pellets at 470 FPS.

The gun is completely modular so you can tune and upgrade the gun so that it fires exactly as you need.

With a maximum effective range of over 100 yards accuracy is going to be paramount. It does however weigh almost 10Lbs so make sure you’re ready for the heft.

You get a high quality 3-9x32 scope on this rifle already included and also an adjustable bipod included alongside it. The magazine can carry 27 rounds and you can purchase extras as you need.


  • Durable polymer metal build.
  • Modular design for tunability. 
  • Up to 470 FPs.
  • Included scope and bipod.


  • Heavy.


Umarex HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black

This AEG rifle from Heckler & Koch is designed for short to mid range engagements but can be adapted to work as a mid to long range sniper. It fires semi-auto and auto at a maximum velocity of 340fps. 

The Polymer body is durable and is completely upgradeable. The barrel can also be extended to increase the effective range of this gun. There is a large Pic rail on the top that allows you to add a large scope to this rifle.

You have a lightweight frame and a 250 round magazine, so mobility is definitely a key focus of the design of this gun.

There are also other Picatinny rails around the barrel that allow for grips, bipods and other attachments like lasers. 


  • Lightweight mobile design.
  • High fire rate AEG design.
  • 250 Round magazine. 
  • Completely interchangeable design.


  • Built for mid range so won’t work for longer range sniping.

9 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Buying Guide

If you’re looking to upgrade your kit and add a sniper rifle to your airsoft arsenal then there’s  a few things you need to consider. 

These are the firing mechanism, accuracy and tunability, sight compatibility, weight, velocity, and accesorizability.

Firing mechanism

There are essentially 3 different firing mechanisms AEG, Gas and Spring powered. 

AEG stands for Automatic Electric Gun and is usually reserved for smaller SMGs and mid-range rifles. There are AEG sniper form rifles out there but they aren’t recommended for long range engagement as they can lack muzzle velocity and accuracy. 

Gas powered rifles are amongst the most powerful airsoft rifles available which isn’t always a good thing. Most MilSim and skirmish organizing bodies outright ban high velocity guns so if you’re gas powered sniper registers above that then you could be banned.

They do however offer an unrivalled semi automatic firing system in airsoft sniper rifles. They have lighter trigger pulls than spring powered rifles and require less tuning to shoot accurately.

They don’t operate extremely well in cold conditions as the gas is more compressed and therefore gives off less throughput. As you become more acquainted with your gas powered rifle you’ll learn how many shots you can get out of one CO2 canister or green gas refill before your shot consistency dips.

You will need to carry refills for both your gas and BBs if this is the option you choose. This along with the initial cost of the rifle makes gas powered rifles less cost effective than spring powered guns. 

Spring powered sniper rifles are great for beginners and are more widely available. A good spring powered sniper rifle will imitate the bolt action of a single shot sniper rifle leading to a more authentic firing experience.

You will have to be more deliberate with your shots however as your fire rate will be significantly decreased from the semi automatic fire rates you get from gas powered rifles or AEGs.

Spring powered guns are usually cheaper overall in comparison to the other 2 options but do require certain upgrades to fire as consistently or accurately as the other options.

Your rifle will require less maintenance and you won’t have to worry about refilling a projectile fluid or charge level. They also work well in all weather conditions.

Accuracy and tunability

A large part of the accuracy of a shot is down to the shooter but if your rifle is unreliable and has terrible shot placement then this could ruin any skill you may have.

A good optic will also help you place shots on target but we’ll go into that a bit later. With gas powered rifles normally what you get is what you get, you may be able to replace the bore and get a tighter spread but otherwise it’s best to keep the stock components.

With spring powered rifles it’s almost always advised that you invest a bit extra to tune your gun to you. You can upgrade the bore, the hop-up system, and the sears and triggers to improve the power, the trigger pull and the straight line of fire of your projectile. 

Sight compatibility

Most airsoft snipers use could make do with a simple red dot sight for their limited range but this would severely limit the capabilities of the sniper themselves.

A sniper is not only a long distance engager but also the main scout of the group and so good optics are a must.

If your sniper already comes with a scope then you may not need one but if you ever decide to upgrade or purchase your first optic the compatibility with the rifle will limit which ones you should consider. 

You need to ensure the sight meets the size and mounting capabilities of your rifle. Purchasing a Pic mounted optic wouldn’t be ideal for a rifle with proprietary mounting holes. Picatinny rails are usually the industry standard so you should be ok with that as long as your optic fits onto your rifle. 


Snipers, especially steel replicas, are extremely heavy guns and you should consider which is best for you. A plastic construction rifle may not seem as sturdy but they are just as good at putting BBs down range as any other rifle.

Unlike with actual firearms a larger/heavier gun doesn’t always mean a larger projectile so keep the weight down and you’ll be worming your way through the underbrush getting into some extremely advantageous positions.

The last thing you want is for your sniper to get in the way of a great vantage point.


Many newbies think that muzzle velocity is the most important feature of your gun but this simply isn’t true. Most fields have a hard cap on muzzle velocity to reduce injuries and encourage fair competition.

Depending on its weight most rifles will carry a BB roughly the same distance, a slightly higher velocity might mean it reaches the target sooner but the difference is negligible. 350 FPS should be your base and anything past 400 FPS can cost more and work out to not be worth it.


A bare sniper can be great for mid range engagements but to truly rule the battlefield a sniper should aim to utilize all parts of their rifle. A decent sniper with a solid arsenal of accessories will almost always be better than an extremely high quality naked sniper.

Using a good quality sling will massively increase your enjoyment in the game as you won’t have a giant rifle occupying both of your hands for the whole duration of the game hugely limiting your mobility and versatility.

High quality Pic rails are a must for bipods and optics if you have a good set of rails you can attach a bipod for stability or even a laser for unscoped accuracy. A good sidearm like a gas or AEG pistol is a must for CQC and can add huge versatility to a sniper’s role. 

Overall sniping is an extremely fun role to play in airsoft matches but it can have a steep learning curve so as long as you’re geared up effectively then you can use your time on the field to better your skills.  You’ll be an indispensable member of the team for sure. 

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