6 Best Paintball Markers

Paintballing is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, isn’t it?

There’s nothing like being out with your friends and family, enjoying the fresh air, and pelting balls of paint at each other.

Paintball markers are an integral part of this, whether you are a keen paintballer or just discovering a new hobby.

6 Best Paintball Markers

But which ones are the best? There are so many on the market these days, and ranging in price, it can be challenging to know which are the best paintball markers. 

Thankfully, the hard work has been done for you today! Keep reading for the 6 best paintball markers on the market! We have also included a buyer’s guide to understand better what makes an excellent paintball marker to aid in your decision. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your marker and go!


Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker Black 14913

For those after an incredible marker that is beginner-friendly, Tippmann has the paintball marker for you! 

At a reasonable price, the marker boasts some great features. The dual feed is one of the most popular ones.

You can convert from your hopper to magazine feed easily and as quickly as you require. It allows you to customize your experience and tailor the marker to the game at hand. 

The marker features an aluminum tank and plastic body, which features a high-density polymer construction. Customers praised how rugged the gun looked due to this and was incredibly durable when used in the field. 

It is fitted with an internal gas line that is aluminum coated to provide lightweight durability to the gun. The CO2 is widely available both online and in stores, although some fields do not always allow the use of CO2. 

It was a little heavy for some customers to handle and fire with, so something to consider for younger or older paintballers who may struggle continually handling a heavier gun.

However, all customers did not report this issue, so that you may have no problems with its weight!

The proven inline bolt system and bottom-mounted asa work make this paintball marker from Tippmann one of excellent quality.

The paintball marker features a Picatinny rail along the top of the gun, allowing you to easily add a carry handle, scopes, and other mods as required. 

Customers praised the gun’s accuracy, praising its perfect shots and how easy it was to clean. They found the gun incredibly durable and easy to use in the field for beginners and more experienced players alike. 

If you are after an incredibly rugged and durable gun and don’t mind feeling the weight of it, then look no further than Tippmann’s stormer elite! 


  • Reasonably priced 
  • The dual feed allows you to convert to hopper or magazine feed as required.
  • It features an aluminum tank and high-density polymer construction.
  • Durable, rugged design 
  • Great for beginners 


  • Some customers found it a little heavy to handle


Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun with ACT , Black

Another excellent choice from Tippmann is their 98 Custom Platinum series paintball gun. At a higher price than others on the list, this semi-automatic marker is easy to use and consistently delivers reliable performance. 

The marker features a split receiver to allow quick access to the internal components of the gun. This will enable you to make any modifications or upgrades with ease as you see fit. 

The marker is made with a durable aluminum die-cast receiver and features a matte black finish designed to resist impact and wear. Paired with a stainless steel gas line, you have a marker that will not rust or break as you use it!

A great feature of this gun is the Picatinny rail along the top that you can add a carry handle to, scopes, or any other mods you may require. This allows you to customize the gun solely to your needs.

Customers were impressed with the different ways you could customize the gun, tailoring it to your exact requirements.  

Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) works to minimize paint breakage. It is awaiting a  patent and works to eliminate ball chopping in the marker to deliver consistent performance.

Thanks to the front and rear bolt working independently of one another, ball velocity is maintained after each shot. 

Some customers found the paintball marker a little heavy to use, which can make gameplay more challenging. However, this issue was not widely reported, and by adding a strap, you can distribute the weight better across your body while moving. 

What’s great is you don’t need to re-cock to engage the ACT technology, and there is less barrel cleaning due to more accurate shots with the ball intact!  

Customers were impressed with the quality and durability of the gun. In particular, the anti-chop technology helps to deliver accurate shots consistently.

The quick access to the internal components was enjoyed by more experienced players also. 

If it is a high-quality paintball marker you are after, then Tippmann’s .98 marker is the one for you!


  • A semi-automatic marker that is easy to use 
  • Quick access to internal components 
  • Picatinny rail to add carry handle and scopes as required 
  • Anti-Chop Technology (ACT)
  • Aluminum and steel design 


  • Some customers found the gun heavy to handle


Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker - Black

If it is a high-quality mechanical marker you are after, then Planet Eclipse has the one for you! It’s an expensive option, but we think you will love it! 

The gun features an industry-leading Gamma Core bolt system designed to deliver efficient and reliable shots time after time.

The gun is also EMC compatible and PAL Loader compatible, making it an incredibly versatile paintball marker. You will need to purchase the PAL separately, though, which can drive the gun’s cost up again. 

The push-button ensures users’ safety and reduces misfiring chances during games or waiting to make your perfect shot. 

It’s incredibly durable and easy to maintain, allowing you to spend more time in the field and less time cleaning the barrel. 

Customers loved the gun, finding it suitable for beginners and more advanced players due to how easy it is to maintain and clean. They found the gun incredibly easy to shoot also, with shots firing fast and consistently accurate. 

Customers were also impressed with the durability of the gun and its anti-ball breakage. They found that they could shoot countless rounds without any balls breaking, allowing for better gameplay and less cleanup!

After an excellent quality paintballer marker and have a larger budget? Planet Eclipse’s gun is a fantastic option! 


  • Great for beginners and advanced players 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Durable marker
  • Accurate shots with minimal paint breakage
  • Gamma Core bolt system 


  • Expensive


Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker - Black/Tan

For those with a bigger budget, Tippmann’s TMC paintball marker is an excellent choice for you! It is one of the slimmest on the market, great for close-quarter battles, tactical games, or a range of gameplay! 

The gun features a dual-feed option, allowing you to switch between your magazine feed or a conventional hopper loader with ease. The ability to change between loaders offers plenty of freedom during gameplay scenarios. 

The semi-automatic marker requires little maintenance while performing reliably and consistently. You can also adjust the firing rate from 250-325 FPS for speedy gameplay, great for fast-fire rounds! Teamed with the 12-inch barrel, you get fantastic accuracy with this marker for perfect shots time after time. 

It also features a stainless steel gas line to ensure consistent performance and add to the gun’s durability. The adjustable front and rear sights are great for further customizing the gun to suit your needs and shooting style. 

Tippmann offers a 1-year warranty with this gun so that you can use it worry-free! If anything should happen, be sure to contact customer support, who shall provide a solution for any issues you may have. Their dedicated technical support is available year-round for any problems. 

The Picatinny rails at the top of the gun are great for customizing and adding additional features such as scopes to enhance your performance further. 

If you are after a great gun and have the budget, Tippmann’s  TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker is an excellent option to consider! 


  • Slim design 
  • Dual feed option 
  • Low maintenance and highly reliable  
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Expensive


Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Blue)

If you are after a complete set to get you started, Action Village has got you covered! Their paintball gun package kit has everything you could need at a reasonable price. 

The kit features a semi-automatic gun, which is smooth and easy to use. You also get an X-ray mask, CO2 bottles for the gun, a 4-in-1 paintball harness, and a Dye’s Alpha Pods to hold up to 150 paintballs. The comprehensive kit is excellent for beginners, with customers citing the superb quality of all the extras! 

Customers were pleased with the kit overall, with many citing the X-ray mask as their favorite and one of outstanding quality! 

The paintball marker itself features a smooth trigger and excellent results. Customers were impressed with the quality and noted minimal ball breakage in the barrel, reducing the number of times the gun needs to be cleaned. 

What’s great about this paintball gun is that it features a quick strip top cocking bolt and tool-free rear plug, which allows you to clean and oil the gun in less than 5 minutes! You’ll be back in the field, ready to shoot before you know it! 

Some customers noted that some screws on the marker were loose when it arrived. This was not a widely reported issue, but as with any paintball marker, be sure to inspect it fully before using it in the field to ensure it is safe and working correctly! 

After a comprehensive gift for beginners that will see you in the field in minimal time? Action Village’s kit is the perfect option! 


  • Lots of added extras, great for beginners!
  • Semi-automatic gun 
  • Smooth trigger 
  • Minimal paint bursts when used 
  • Great value 


  • Some customers found loose screws on their gun when it arrived.


Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (Forest/Green)

If it’s an affordable paintball marker suitable for beginners that you craver, Spyder can satisfy your needs! 

The gun is available in green or black and features a matte finish. The body features aluminum and a high impact polymer frame to provide incredible durability while maintaining a lightweight feel. 

The gun uses a 20oz CO2 tank to shoot up to 1500 shots without being cleaned. This is done with the air efficient EKO valve system, which is awaiting its patent. This exclusive feature does set the gun apart from its competitors. 

What’s excellent about Spyder’s gun is the slip-proof grip, thanks to its two-finger rubber grip. You won’t need to worry about your finger slipping with this gun! 

The steel braided hose line and the inline bottom line operates on CO2 or compressed air to deliver accurate and consistent shots.

You will be able to find replacement CO2 online or at local stores that are reasonably priced. CO2 generally offers more accurate results and is an excellent factor to look for when purchasing your gun. 

Some customers found that occasionally the paint sputtered out. This was not widely reported or a common issue and can be rectified by regularly cleaning the marker  (as you should be doing!). 

If you are a beginner or more experienced shooter after an excellent gun that won’t break the budget, Spyder has the gun for you! 


  • Affordable 
  • Non-slip rubber grip 
  • Shoots up to 1500 shots from CO2 tank 
  • Aluminum body for durability 
  • Great for beginners 


  • Some customers reported occasional sputtering from the gun.

Best Paintball Markers Buying Guide

Not sure what makes an excellent paintball marker? Let our buyer’s guide help you there!


There are a few different types of paintball markers on the market these days and knowing which to purchase is the first step in selecting your new gun.

Let’s take a closer look at some options now. 


Pump paintball markers were the first on the scene, with you needing to work the bolt for each shot. These tend to have a low fire rate and are often known as “open class” markers. 

These aren’t as popular anymore thanks to the rise in mechanical and electric markers but are still used by skilled players across the country. You can still achieve good accuracy with a pump marker, but it can take longer than other guns.

The accuracy is determined by the quality of paint used and how closely their size is matched to the gun’s barrel size. 

It can be a good option for skilled players looking for a change of pace, but we recommend checking out mechanical or electric markers for beginners. 


Mechanical guns are popular these days thanks to their reliability and durability. They feature entirely mechanical parts to get your balls firing. 

Generally, mechanical markers are easy to maintain and are less likely to have issues when being used. You won’t have to worry about running out of batteries or the eyes clogging up as you do with electric guns. 

The downside to mechanical guns is they are more likely to chop paint, which is messy and can impact your accuracy when shooting. Mechanical markers also cannot match the high rate of fire that electro markers can. 

It’s worth weighing up these factors when choosing your gun; while they may not be as accurate, mechanical guns are often the cheaper option too. 


Thanks to technological advances, you can now get electric paintball guns. They are an expensive option compared to mechanical guns, but the advantages will often outweigh the price tag! 

A solenoid electronically opens the valve compared to a mechanical hammer.  These electric markers are often controlled by 9-volt batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. 

Electric markers have many advantages, one being they are smaller and lighter than their mechanical counterparts. They also feature built-in systems that prevent the marker from firing unless the paint is loaded correctly. This feature reduces misfires and chopped paint to deliver accurate and consistent results. 

They have an incredible rate of fire at over 30 balls per second! It is worth remembering that in the field, the legal BPS limit is roughly 10.5, so be sure not to exceed that when you are in the field! To ensure the high fire rate is available, look out for an electro hopper to deliver a smooth-running system. 


The material of your marker is an essential factor to consider. For those with a larger budget, carbon fiber markers are the best option. They are lightweight and durable, bound to stand the test of time and anything you throw at them.

Carbon fiber paintball markers are considered as the premium ones available. 

For those after a more affordable option, aluminum markers are an excellent choice. Although they can be prone to dents and damages more than their expensive counterparts, these are still lightweight.

If you opt for aluminum, aircraft-grade aluminum will be more durable and cheaper than carbon fiber. 

Size matters

When it comes to barrel size and bore diameter, you bet size matters! It’s a vital feature to consider when it comes to making your purchase. 

The barrel length can impact the gun’s accuracy, with longer barrels producing more accurate results at greater distances. Shorter barrels are better suited for close combat and are better for traveling, thanks to their smaller size. 

The longer your barrel, the more time the paintball has to straighten and achieve an accurate shot. Consider the scenarios you are likely to use your gun in when making this purchase; if you find yourself craving accuracy, then it's the longer barrels for you!

Bore diameter is another crucial factor to consider. The bore diameter is responsible for the size of paintballs you can use. Most paintball markers use barrels with a bore diameter of .68, although there are various sizes available.

If you already have a selection of ammo at home, it may be worth checking the size and finding a marker with a bore diameter that can accommodate those paintballs. 

How much?

When it comes to paintball markers, there can be quite a range in price. You must have a clear budget and stick to it as much as possible. 

It is worth considering how often you will be going paintballing when setting your budget so you aren’t spending a fortune on something you will hardly use. Remember that there is a marker to suit every budget, so there’s no need to plan a bank heist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here! 

What is the difference between a paintball marker and a paintball gun?

You may see the two terms, “paintball marker” and “paintball gun,” and be wondering, what is the difference between them? Especially as a beginner after their first gun. Well, there is no difference! 

A paintball gun and paintball marker do precisely the same thing, shoot balls of paint at your opponents. These days, the terms are used interchangeably in the market, although markers were initially used when paintballs were shot to mark trees and wandering cattle. 

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