9 Best Paintball Harnesses

In paintball, once the game starts, you’re left to survive and win the game by using whatever gear you have on you.

That is why there is such an emphasis on having enough ammo and having all of the essentials with you so that you aren’t left defenseless and unable to shoot back midway through the game.

Some of the protective gear and clothing, such as your trousers or vest, might have some space and pouches for storage. However, if you’re playing at an advanced level or want to ensure that you have everything you need, a paintball harness is a must.

It will allow you to store extra ammo, CO2 tanks, and more, in an organized and easy-to-access way so that you can be prepared at all times!

9 Best Paintball Harnesses

There are plenty of paintball harnesses available in today’s market, with different brands offering different designs and features. With how intense and fast-paced a paintball game can become, it’s important that you get a comfortable and durable harness, with a good amount of storage.

Otherwise, it might become more of a problem rather than being of use! Because we know how hard it can be to find the right products, we’ve compiled a list with our top nine picks for the overall best paintball harnesses, and hopefully, that will give you a good option of high-quality harnesses to choose from! 

In a hurry?

If you’re getting ready for a paintball game and you want to make sure you have somewhere to carry the extra ammo and gear essentials to last you the entirety of the game, you’re going to need a paintball harness.

If you’re in a hurry to get the best possible one, we recommend you check out our number one top choice: the Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness.

Here are its main features:

  • Well-known and highly recommended brand
  • Made from heavy-duty 600D nylon fabric - incredibly durable 
  • One-size that fits all - adjustable inner and outer elastic belt
  • Elastic pod ejection system for faster reloads 
  • Compatible with all standard paintball pods - convenient and practical 


Maddog Pro 4+3 Paintball Harness Pod Pack | Pod Ejection | Adjustable Elastic Velcro Belt

Maddog is a very well known and highly appraised brand when it comes to paintball accessories, so it is no wonder that we have some of their products listed in our top picks.

The Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness is an excellent product option, with a great number of positive reviews and ratings from its satisfied customers.

It’s ideal for all levels of paintball, from beginners all the way to advanced tournaments.

It’s made from heavy-duty 600D nylon fabric with reinforced stitching, making it highly durable and long-lasting. It’s a one-size that fits all, with an inner and outer elastic belt for adjustability, ensuring a customized fit up to 43-inches.

It features an elastic pod ejection system, allowing for faster reloads, making it incredibly efficient. It is compatible with all standard paintball pods, and it holds a great deal of them to ensure you’re well-prepared to last the game.

Comfortable and secure, this harness is the ideal addition to your gear, as it is nothing but convenient with high-quality practicality. 


  • Well-known and highly recommended brand
  • Made from heavy-duty 600D nylon fabric - incredibly durable 
  • One-size that fits all - adjustable inner and outer elastic belt
  • Elastic pod ejection system for faster reloads 
  • Compatible with all standard paintball pods - convenient and practical 


  • No significant downsides


Maddog Sports 6+1 Deluxe Padded Paintball Harness - Black

The Maddog Entry Level Paintball Harness is another excellent product option, also from the Maddog brand, that has been designed especially for beginners, as it features everything you need to play at your best during entry-level games, at a cheaper and more accessible price.

It can carry over 750 extra rounds, plus it has a pouch for your tank, allowing you to carry enough to last you the entire game without struggling.

Made from heavy-duty 900D nylon fabric, it features reinforced stitching and a velcro closure to ensure durability and a secure fit. It’s also incredibly adjustable, with a waist belt clip that can fit from Youth to XL.

It also features a remote line air system that connects to the ASA of your marker on one end, and to the tank on the other.

That way, you’re removing the weight of the tank off of your marker and putting it onto your harness, allowing you to aim better if you’re not as experienced. 


  • Well-known and highly recommended brand
  • Ideal for beginners - perfect for entry-level games at an accessible price
  • Made from heavy-duty 900D nylon fabric, with reinforced stitches and velcro closure
  • Adjustable waist belt clip - one size fits all
  • Remote liner air system - removed the weight of the tank off the marker, placing it on the harness instead 


  • The belt is too thin- slips down and isn’t as secure as desired 


Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness, Black

If you’re looking for a lightweight and convenient harness that is ideal for casual paintballing now and then, the Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness might be the product you’ve been looking for.

Made from polyurethane, it is both durable and lightweight, for a comfortable fit that can get you through many games. It has an adjustable body wrap belt and is able to fit a waist between 22-inches and 24-inches.

It can hold four 140-round pods, which should be able to get you through a standard game no problem. It features large pull tabs with a built-in pod ejection system, allowing for a faster reload if needed.

It also features a tank pouch that can be adjusted to hold up to a 68 cubic inch tank, making it highly convenient. Overall, it’s one of the most comfortable to wear, thanks to the compact and practical design.


  • Compact and lightweight design - ideal for casual paintball
  • Made from heavy-duty nylon
  • Adjustable body wrap belt for a waist of 22-24 inches
  • Large pull tabs with a built-in pod ejection system - faster reload
  • Adjustable tank pouch 


  • Not compatible with larger or heavier tanks, not ideal for longer games


Maddog Sports Tactical 6-Pod Paintball Harness Vest - Camo

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty harness that can carry a lot of gear and ammo, as well as offer some protection, then the Maddog Sports Tactical Paintball Harness Vest is the perfect product option for you.

Made from a blend of cotton and nylon, it features a camouflage design that will help you blend in with the environment, enhancing your stealth.

It’s a hybrid between a tactical vest and a harness, providing you with a lot of extra storage space to carry all of your necessary gear, with 2 large front pockets, an ID or map pouch, and pouches for up to 6 paintball pods.

The velcro adjustment straps on both the shoulders and the waist, along with the belt, allow for great adjustability so that it fits you comfortably and securely.

It also serves as a layer of protection thanks to the front-and-back protection design with interior foam for cushioning. That way, you can dare into enemy territory without fear, with enough gear and ammo to win it over to your side!


  • Hybrid design between a tactical vest and a harness
  • Camouflage design for enhanced stealth - made from cotton and nylon
  • 2 large front pockets, an ID or map pouch, and pouches for 6 paintball pods
  • Velcro adjustment straps on shoulders and waist for a comfortable fit
  • Front-and-back protection with interior foam for cushioning


  • No significant downsides


Bunker Kings V5 Supreme Pack Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 4+7 WKS Black

The Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness is another great small and lightweight product option, for casual games of paintball that allow for more mobility and less gear.

It’s an upgrade from original Bunkerkings designs, featuring enhanced comfort, superior pod retention, and a more secure fit.

It features maximized comfort thanks to the belt and the back support, with an advanced elastic attachment system that combines with friction padding to provide a perfect fit, no matter the body type.

Although it has a small and compact design, it is also used by pro players all over the world, thanks to the comfort it provides during intense games.

It also features V5 elastic technology that accommodates paintball pods of all sizes, no adjustment needed. 


  • Small and lightweight design - ideal for casual games and used by pro players
  • Maximized comfort with a belt and back support
  • Advanced elastic attachment system and friction padding - a perfect fit for all body types
  • V5 elastic technology to accommodate paintball pods of all sizes - no adjustment needed


  • No significant downsides


GZ XINXING Chest Rig Tactical Vest X Harness for Airsoft Shooting Wargame Paintball (Black)

The GZ XINXING Chest Rig Tactical Vest and Harness is another amazing product option, highly efficient, and popular amongst customers worldwide.

It is made from high-density 900D nylon fabric, well-constructed to withstand wear and tear to high durability.

It has adjustable sizing, ranging from a size S to a size 4XL in men’s clothing. It can carry 12 standard magazine pouches, and it features an additional medic pouch.

It features a practical and comfortable design, with it being very easy to put on and adjust. Customers claim that it has an incredible value for the price and that it comes in very handy for a paintball game.

Just in case you have any doubts, it also comes with a 30-day no-risk 100% full refund, as well as providing excellent customer service to resolve any issues whatsoever. 


  • Made from high-density 900D nylon fabric - highly durable and resistant 
  • Adjustable sizing from an S to a 4XL in men’s clothing
  • It can carry 12 magazine pouches and has an additional medic pouch
  • Practical and comfortable design - great value for the price
  • 30-day no-risk 100% full refund included with the purchase


  • No significant downsides


Dye Precision Attack Pack Pro Paintball Harness (DyeCam)

The Dye Store Precision Attack Paintball Pro Harness is a perfect example of a compact and versatile design, made to be extremely convenient and ideal for advanced paintball games, as well as providing you with enough storage space for your paintball pods.

It features memory elastic and rubber traction to keep the harness in place, even during the most intense of games and movement through rough terrain.

It has a collapsable web system that can hold up to 11 pods, reducing in size every time a pod is removed so that it only takes up as much space as needed.

The 55 MPH rated velcro ensures the pods and the harness stay in place in a comfortable way too!

As a one-size that fits all, it has four-way adjustable straps to allow for a perfect and secure fit, unique to you. It also features ejector pod loops, allowing for easy and quick access to the pods, so no time is lost.

Proven in World Championships for more than 10 years, this is truly an amazing product option! 


  • Memory elastic and rubber traction - ideal for intense games and rough terrains
  • Collapsible web system that holds up to 11 pods - extremely convenient
  • Four-way adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Ejector pod loops for quick and easy access
  • Proven in championships for over 10 years - very high standard of quality 
  • Ideal for professional and advanced paintball players


  • No significant downsides


Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 3+4 Black Tentacles

The Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness is another great product option that has been designed for the fastest possible access to the pods, with a lightweight and compact design that carries just what you need.

It features a bounce reducing system for improved competitive performance, as the harness will stay in place no matter how intense the game gets.

It also features a 300-degree grip print and a four-way lockdown belt system to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

It’s available in many different colors and sizes, meaning you can find one that suits you as well as possible. It’s also 100% strap-free, working with all pods no matter their size, no adjustments needed.

And with the triflex functionality, you can reload extremely fast and with ease, allowing for versatile and convenient use during your game. 


  • Lightweight and compact design - for pros and intense games
  • Bounce reducing system for improved competitive performance
  • A 300-degree grip print and a 4-way lockdown belt system - comfortable and secure fit
  • Compatible with all pod sizes, no adjustments needed
  • Available in different colors and sizes - versatile and convenient


  • The fabric isn’t very durable or resistant to wear and tear


HK Army Magtek Paintball Harness Pod Pack 4+3 - Black/Red

Last but not least on our list of top picks, we have the HK Army Magtek Paintball Harness, an advanced magnetic harness option that is highly popular amongst customers.

It comes with magnetic holsters, with each holster featuring 4 magnets. It features an anatomically coherent back padding, which flexes with your body movement for long-lasting enhanced comfort during the game.

It also features a stealth ejector system that remains concealed inside the padded holsters once the pod is removed.

The belt system is highly innovative, as it weaves through itself, creating an incredibly secure fit around the waist that reduces any bounce during movement.

It’s available in different colors, and overall, it’s an efficient and comfortable option that will get you through the game with ease. 


  • Advanced magnetic harness with magnetic holsters
  • An anatomically coherent back padding for enhanced comfort
  • Stealth ejector system
  • Highly innovative belt system that reduces bounce during movement


  • No significant downsides

Best Paintball Harnesses Buying Guide

When it comes to paintball, having the right gear can be the key difference between winning or losing the game. There is nothing worse than ending up with not enough ammo or power in the middle of a game, as that will leave you frustratingly defenseless and unable to do anything.

If you’re looking for a harness to carry everything you need throughout the game, it’s important that you find one that is high-quality, comfortable, and with the right amount of carrying space for your specific needs.

It can be tough to determine which harness is truly the best suited to your needs and preferences, especially with so many options. 

What we like to do, when choosing our top picks, is to take a few basic factors into consideration, checking whether a particular product has everything needed and to a good standard.

You should also pay close attention to the product descriptions for the full information, and check up on the customer reviews and ratings! 

Here is a short summary of the basics: 

Fit and adjustability

For a paintball harness to be both efficient and comfortable to wear, it needs to feature a secure fit unique to you.

It will be no good if it’s too tight and uncomfortable, or if it slips down as you move. That is why it is vital that the harness has adjustable straps or belts, allowing for you to adjust it to your own body size. 

Design and style

Paintball harnesses come in many different designs and styles. From lightweight and compact harnesses to ones that resemble tactical vests. How big or small you want it depends on your playing style and your needs. 

You need to find a balance between enough space for your pods, and enough movement freedom to allow you to comfortably navigate more intense games.

Carrying space and accessories

Always check whether the harness is compatible with the size of the paintball pods that you will be using, as it will be no use if they don’t fit in it.

And if you prefer having additional pouches for extra storage space, you can look into harnesses with extra pouches or with a molle compatible system to add extra gear.

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