7 Best Paintball Barrels

Serious paintball players will often go to great lengths to enhance the performance of their paintball guns.

This can involve anything from performing extra maintenance tasks to replacing the paintball marker altogether in favor of something higher-end. 

If any of the above resonates with you, stick around because we have some good news!

What if we told you that you could improve the functionality of your paintball marker without blowing your monthly budget or spending hours digging around inside your chamber and engine? 

Investing in a high-quality paintball barrel can go a long way when it comes to boosting your marker’s accuracy and overall shooting capability.

Buying a new barrel is much cheaper than tossing out your existing marker for a new one and much easier than tinkering with the internal mechanism. 

Best Paintball Barrels

Today, we have a selection of the 7 best paintball barrels on the market, just for you!

Take a look and discover the incredible range of high-functioning barrels currently available to buy.  Tippmann Sniper Barrel

  • Available in 14 or 16 inches
  • Polished and micro-honed
  • Durably constructed 
  • Silent performance 
  • Understated design 
  • Compatible with Tippman 98 Custom, Custom Pro, A5 and X7


TIPPMANN Sniper 14-Inch Barrel for A5/X7

If you’ve been on the paintball scene long enough, chances are you will have heard of Tippmann.

Known as one of the leading paintball equipment manufacturers in America, Tippmann produces high-quality, high-performing paintball gun components for all styles and abilities, and the range of Tippmann barrels is no exception to this. 

While you can trust most barrels manufactured by Tippmann to improve your play at least a little, this company’s Sniper Barrel is on another level! 

The length of this barrel, which can be either 14 or 16 inches depending on which option you choose, is optimally-sized to ensure both accuracy and ease of handling.

While longer barrels generally yield better accuracy, they can also become cumbersome and impractical to use if they become too long.

Both 14 and 16-inch lengths are ideal because they provide enough length to boost your accuracy without weighing you down or getting in your way. 

Both the interior and exterior of the Tippmann Sniper Barrel have been polished and micro-honed, so there’s minimal friction.

This allows paintballs to pass through the barrel smoothly for better precision. 

The Tippmann Sniper Barrel fires almost completely silently, which is great when you need to keep a low profile.

Its sleek, all-black design is also understated enough to help you remain undetected.

You can purchase this barrel with threads to fit several of the different Tippmann marker models, including the 98 Custom and Custom Pro, plus the A5 and X7 Phenom markers.

However, there have been some instances of customers being sent the wrong threads, so unless you have a thread adapter, be careful of this. 


  • Optimal 14 or 16-inch length
  • Durable construction 
  • Understated design 
  • Micro-honed 
  • Silent shooting 
  • Fits Tippman 98 Custom, Custom Pro, A5 and X7


  • Some reports of wrong threads being sent 


No products found.

Made of high-quality carbon fiber, this barrel from DeadlyWind is one of the most durable on the market.

This 3-layered material is very strong and resistant to both corrosive and chemical damage.

In fact, the manufacturers at DeadlyWind were so confident in their product’s durability that they’ve confirmed (having tested the theory) that it can withstand being run over with a car.

From what we’ve seen, we believe it - but we don’t recommend you try it at home!

Better still, despite its high durability, the DeadlyWind Null barrel is incredibly lightweight. For reference, the 14-inch barrel (more on the available sizes below) only weighs 50 grams! 

The DeadlyWind Null is available in several lengths, ranging from 10 inches to 16 inches.

While most paintball players will have their opinions regarding the advantages and drawbacks of longer or shorter barrels, this range allows players to select the length that works best for their game style.

You can also purchase this barrel with your choice of autococker or A5/X7 threads for model compatibility.

The bore diameter is 0.688 inches, which is ideal because it corresponds to standard paintball sizes. 

Like the Tippmann Sniper Barrel, the DeadlyWind Null has a simple black finish that won’t draw attention to you when you’re trying to go undetected.

The unique vector pattern, however, allows this model to stand out from the crowd in a subtle way. 

Sadly, this barrel does have one design flaw.

It’s not equipped with any technology to prevent ball chopping, so players often find that they split a lot of their balls when they first start using the barrel until they get accustomed to the chamber loading pace.


  • Strong and durable carbon fiber 
  • 3-layer construction 
  • Super lightweight 
  • Simple design 
  • Unique vector pattern 
  • Available in 10 - 16-inches 
  • Standard 0.688-inch bore diameter 
  • Choice of autococker or A5/X7 threads


  • Has a tendency to split paintballs 


Trinity Tippmann Cronus Accessories Paintball Upgrade Paintballing Paintballer woodsball.

Another highly durable paintball barrel comes from Trinity in the form of the Cronus Accessories Paintball Upgrade Barrel. 

This barrel is constructed from anodized aluminum, which any metal-connoisseur will know is stronger and harder than regular aluminum.

This kind of durability is exactly what you want in a rough sport like paintball, especially variations like woodsball, where the game zone is replaced by the unpredictable environment of the great outdoors. 

But contrary to what you might expect from its tough exterior, the Trinity Paintball Upgrade barrel is much more than just a hardy piece of kit.

It performs with an impressive level of subtlety and finesse, boasting high levels of accuracy thanks to its micro-honed polish and 16-inch length. 

The bore diameter for this barrel is 0.689 inches, so it’s ready to be used with standard-caliber paintballs without the need for any extra inserts. 

The vortex-style vents that you can see running up and down the outside of the barrel are for more than just aesthetic purposes, too.

They actually have an impact on the airflow through the barrel, quietening down the shot and reducing accuracy-destroying turbulence. 

Again, as with the models we’ve reviewed so far, we e.g.also appreciate the low-key, all-black aesthetic, which is perfectly suited to tactical sports. 

However, we should point out that this barrel is designed only for Tippmann Cronus markers. 


  • Extra-durable anodized aluminum 
  • 16-inch length 
  • Standard bore diameter 
  • Great for woodsball 
  • Vortex porting for quiet accuracy
  • Low-key design


  • Only for Tippmann Cronus 


No products found.

If the DeadlyWind Null barrel caught your eye, we have a treat for you! Behold, the DeadlyWind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Autoclocker-Threaded Paintball Barrel!

This model has a lot of similarities to the DeadlyWind Null, including the 3-layer carbon fiber construction for high durability and vector patterning. 

It’s not quite as lightweight as the Null model, weighing in at 64 grams empty and 77 with the insert.

In the grand scheme of things, though, this is still very lightweight for a paintball barrel, and some players might actually appreciate the few grams of extra weight if they’re used to weightier guns. 

We should point out, however, that the insert(s) required for using this barrel don’t come with the purchase, so you’ll need to purchase these separately.

You will also need to own or purchase a thread adapter, which isn’t super convenient, but once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to mount this barrel to a wide range of markers, including Ego, Geo, Axe, Mini, and Dye models. 

This barrel is most widely available for purchase in 12-inch and 14-inch lengths.

Both of these options are long enough to improve accuracy when compared to shorter barrels (eg. 10 inches), although the 12-inch might still feel a little short for some players.

Paintballers who like an extra-long or extra-short barrel can find 8-inch, 10-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch models directly through the manufacturer. 


  • 12 and 14-inch lengths 
  • Tough carbon fiber build 
  • Vector patterning 
  • 3-layer construction 
  • Compatible with several marker models
  • Lightweight


  • Inserts and thread adapter must be purchased separately 


14' Black Tippmann 98 Custom J&J Ceramic Barrel

Surprise, surprise! It’s Tippmann again - this time, with the 98 Custom J&J Ceramic paintball barrel!

The 98 Custom marker model from Tippman is one of the most popular and well-loved Tippmann markers of all time.

Unfortunately, finding upgrade or replacement parts of it can be tricky, but along with the Tippmann Sniper Barrel, this barrel is a great option. 

This upgrade barrel is made from T6 aluminum, which has been CNC machined to a high level of precision, meeting all the paintball industry’s highest standards for construction.

The aluminum has then been finished with a ceramic coating and impregnated with Teflon. This adds to the barrel’s durability and ensures that friction is reduced for better shooting accuracy. 

The accuracy of this barrel is further enhanced by the 14-inch length, which is probably the sweet-spot of barrel lengths when it comes to balancing accuracy with ergonomics. 

Although this isn’t a designated sniper barrel and isn’t fully silent, it does shoot quietly, helping you to keep a low profile wherever you are in the game zone. 

You will need a Freak insert to use this with your Tippmann 98 Custom marker, however, and you’ll need to purchase this separately or already have one at home because it’s not included with the barrel. 


  • Optimal 14-inch length 
  • CNC machined aluminum 
  • Ceramic coating 
  • Teflon-impregnated 
  • Shoots quietly


  • Inserts sold separately 


DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

The DYE Precision GF Broomstick Barrel might not be the most popular paintball barrel on the market, but in our opinion, it’s definitely one of the best. 

Most of the barrels we’ve reviewed so far in this article have been pretty understated, with minimalist, darkly-colored designs that lend themselves to tactical, hiding-based play.

For those who don’t want to rely on their guns for this, though, the DYE Precision GF can be a fun, eye-catching alternative. 

Available in lime green as well as olive black and silver, you get to select this barrel in either a classic or luminous color depending on your preferences and needs. 

The DYE Precision barrel lives up to its name thanks to the 2-layer glass fiber construction and stainless steel insert, which work together to produce a durable, frictionless barrel that fires accurately and quietly. 

This barrel has a length of 15 inches, which is on the longer side for accurate aiming. The porting also helps with consistently quiet and precise shots. 

Depending on what caliber paintballs you normally play with, you can choose this barrel in 0.688 or 0.684 diameter widths.

The autococker threads are specifically compatible with DYE markers, however, so the barrel won’t be suitable for markers from other brands. 


  • 15-inch length 
  • 0.688 and 0.684 diameters 
  • Compatible with all DYE Ultralite markers 
  • Glass fiber construction 
  • Stainless steel insert 
  • Porting for quiet, accurate shots 
  • Multiple colors available


  • Only for DYE models 


No products found.

Last but not least, the GOG Carbon Fiber Freak barrel has stolen the hearts of many paintballers worldwide with its ultra-durable, lightweight build. 

We’d especially recommend this barrel if you’re a tournament player because it’s been tested in tournament situations and proven to perform excellently. 

This barrel has a full carbon-fiber one-piece construction (apart from the solid aluminum threads) that’s compatible with Freak inserts. 

Something we particularly love about this barrel is that it has optimally-positioned and extra-large spiral porting that effectively minimizes noise on every shot. 

The 14-inch length of this barrel is ideal for making accurate shots, but it’s not too long either, so your marker will remain lightweight and practical to handle. 

The bore diameter is 0.689 inches, which not only is the best size for standard-caliber paintballs but also matches Freak inserts perfectly.

Your first freak insert is provided for you with the barrel, so separate purchases aren’t necessary. 


  • Compatible with Freak inserts 
  • First insert included 
  • 14 inches 
  • Carbon fiber construction 
  • Strong aluminum threads 
  • Tournament-tested 
  • Large, spiral porting


  • Expensive 

Best Paintball Barrels Buying Guide

We know we’ve just hit you with a lot of information about paintball barrels, so let’s take a second to break it all down.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to paintball barrel construction and function!  


It’s well-known amongst the paintball community that barrel length is somewhat correlated with the accuracy of paintball markers.

Longer barrels are generally more accurate, so snipers who like to shoot from long distances should be looking for barrels that are at least 12 inches long, if not more. 

Longer barrels can also be heavier, more cumbersome, and increase your profile, however, which is likely to slow you down and make you easier to hit. To avoid this, you may need to compromise on accuracy (only slightly!) with a shorter barrel. 

Barrels can be as short as 8 inches or as long as 16 inches, so you have a lot of flexibility in this area. 


As far as material is concerned, when it comes to paintball, you want something that can withstand having high-speed missiles shooting through it on a regular basis. So, you need a material that won’t warp under either heat or pressure.

Because paintball is a fast-paced, often aggressive game, you also want a barrel that can tolerate being dropped, stood on and knocked about a bit. 

Many metals fit this description, so a barrel made out of either glass fiber or carbon fiber should serve you well.

Aluminum is the typical material of choice for threads, and we recommend either aluminum or steel inserts if required because they are easy to polish and micro-hone to a perfectly smooth yet tough surface. 

You’ll notice that all of these materials are relatively lightweight compared to their strength, which is great because even though you want a strong barrel, you don’t want it to weigh you down.

Essentially, materials with a high strength-to-weight ratio are the way to go when it comes to paintball barrel construction. 


The diameter of the inside of a paintball barrel (also known as the bore size) is crucial because using a barrel with the wrong bore might effectively make your paintballs impossible to use. 

For reference, your standard paintball is about 0.68 inches in diameter, so most bores will be built to this size, and this is the size we recommend starting out with for maximum compatibility.

If you do need a different bore size, you can buy inserts separately or even invest in a barrel kit, which will contain several inserts of different sizes. 


Pay close attention to the threads listed in the product information of each paintball barrel you look at. Compatibility can be tricky when it comes to paintball marker components, and the slightest difference can make a barrel incompatible. 

First, find out whether the threads are spyder, autococker, phenom, etc.

This should tell you roughly whether this is the right kind of barrel for your marker. Manufacturers should also state which specific models their barrel is compatible with, so this will help you a lot, especially if you’re a beginner with little thread knowledge. 

Sometimes, a single barrel will be available for purchase with different threads, and you’ll be able to select your match. 

In the event that you accidentally purchase a barrel with the wrong threads or have the wrong threads sent to you (which has been known to happen), you may be able to fix the problem using a thread or barrel adapter. 

Noise Level 

The noise (or lack thereof) produced by your paintball barrel is something you’ll probably want to consider as well. 

The main thing that will impact how loud or quiet your paintball marker is, is the porting on the barrel. 

Ports are holes that are cut into a paintball marker’s barrel to allow any excess trapped air to exit the gun through the body of the barrel rather than the tip. 

This decreases the loud noise that happens when trapped air exists through the tip of the gun along with the paintball. It also decreases the amount of air turbulence inside the barrel of the marker, producing cleaner, more accurate shots. 

Porting is more important to some players than others, but if you play sniper-style, we’d recommend more and larger ports to keep that noise to a minimum and increase your chances of hitting your target from far away. 

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