7 Best Paintball Guns Under $300

Paintballing is such a fun way to let loose with friends, family, or even colleagues but if you’re an avid paintball gun player, renting out guns at venues can add up to be pretty costly and you’ve probably considered getting your own one to bring along with you.

A decent paintball gun can be hard to find on a budget, especially when you’re unsure about what to look for.

If you’re not a professional and just seeking something for casual play then you won’t need anything majorly high-tech, besides it wouldn’t be within your price range. 

We’ve brought to you the 7 best paintball guns under $300 so you can find your new paintball gun after just a ten-minute read.

We’ve included 7 reviews of the best paintball guns, a buyer's guide for some key things to look out for when buying a paintball gun, and also a frequently asked questions section to fill you in on anything we haven’t covered yet,

7 Best Paintball Guns Under 300

Ready to splatter your friends with paint?

If you haven’t got a spare 10 minutes to read the whole article then we’ve cut some time and brought you our top choice for best paintball gun under 300 right here.

We recommend the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker as our number one option for your next purchase and here are a few reasons why.

If you want more information on our first pick or any of the other recommendations, then just scroll down. 

  • Rapid-fire
  • Functional in-line system
  • Nice and sturdy
  • MagFed and Hopper options
  • 12-high performance barrel for accuracy
  • 1-year warranty
  • CO2 AND HPA compatible


Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

The Tippmann brand is a reliable choice for paintballing guns and will be ideal for players who enjoy regular games or who want a challenge in military simulation games as well.  

The gun comes with dual feed options, so you’ve got the luxury of using either MagFed or the hopper which can be attached with an adapter.

One of the most alluring features of having the MagFed option is that you can use First Strike paintballs so you can shoot even further and more accurately.  

The gun is lightweight and comfortable enough to hold and carry around for long matches without getting tired. 

It’s a 68 caliber marker so makes it an ideal option for experienced players but not so much those who are looking to try paintballing for the first time.  

The TMC MAGFED offers a high-standard finish to portray military-grade guns and is nice and sturdy whilst still maintaining a smooth feel.  

The gun is semi-automatic and can be adjusted from 250-325 FPS and has some impressive firepower, the 12-inch barrel also supports more accurate shooting of your targets.

The threaded barrel also offers lots of upgrade capabilities, so if you’re keen to customize your gun then that option is available. 

It’s compatible with CO2 AND HPA, although the gun works at a better rate with compressed air (HPA) rather than the traditional CO2, however, some of those who have used HPA with their TMC have said that it has been prone to internal leaking.

The gun includes 2 lots of 20 round spring driven magazines so you can get started straight away, however Tippmann have started recommending using 19 with the TMC now

The Tippmann TMC MAGFED offers 1-years manufactured and the brand also boasts a knowledgeable technical support team that can help you with any queries. 


  • Rapid-fire
  • Functional in-line system
  • Nice and sturdy
  • MagFed and Hopper options
  • 12-high performance barrel for accuracy
  • 1-year warranty
  • CO2 AND HPA compatible 


  • Can leak inside


Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker, Black

The Tippmann A-5 is one of the more compact and basic models on this list, but you shouldn’t underestimate its capabilities.

The A-5 is compatible with CO2, Nitrogen, and compressed air and notably does feed CO2 very well. 

The design is very sturdy and durable and is used frequently for renting purposes in paintballing venues across the country.

The gun, however, is still very compact and lightweight due to the receiver being reduced in size, but in comparison to other models, the A-5 may become a bit weighty if you’re carrying it around all day. 

The gun is ideal for inexperienced players who want to get used to the basics of using a marker in games.

Once comfortable or even those more experienced players will be able to upgrade and customize their marker with Tippmann add-ons to suit whatever scenarios they’re playing in such as speedball or woodsball.

The 8.5-inch barrel is basic but efficient for beginners but can be switched out when you’ve got used to the marker.

The marker can be stripped and reassembled within a minute and doesn’t require any tools to do so, it is also easy to clean and maintain even for the most inexperienced paintballers.

Regular lubrication of the A-5 will extend its use and reduce wear and tear. 

The A-5 supports a cyclone feed system that can Fire 15 balls per second without batteries and is great to use during speedball games for intense rapid firing without jamming.

The gun can reach up to 150 feet but is loud when shooting and can expose your position in a match if you’re hiding out.  


  • Suits woods and speedball
  • The receiver design is light
  • Customizable
  • High firing speed
  • Integrated bolt system
  • Small compact design


  • Very loud


Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker - Black

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 may look basic in appearance but it’s been built to hold up well to heavy-duty paintballing and will still exceed your expectations even if you’re a seasoned player.

The EMEK 100 is also a mechanical gun so will require no batteries.

The gun features a safety indicator on the side so you can know when your marker is in safety or firing mode.

The gun comes with an adjustable feed neck so can fit whatever hopper you desire to use it with.

The gun is easy to take apart and maintain, and a manual is included with the market to help new users discover how to maintain and troubleshoot your gun.

The EMEK 100 comes with a Gamma Core to provide a smooth, efficient, and accurate shot which for the price you pay for the gun, is quite unbelievable.

The Gamma Core also allows this gun to function well in all kinds of weather.

The EMEK 100 comes with a complete rebuild kit if you lose parts or they get damaged in use.

The gun isn’t prone to breaking down, however, the tools and parts are on hand if needed instead of having to go buy them. You’ll even get a free Planet Eclipse lubricant included to grease up your marker to optimize its performance.

The barrel is around 10” long and is Autococker threaded so you will want to think about getting another barrel on there, however, the included barrel still shoots pretty straight by itself.

Considering the barrel is only 10” it’s not crazy loud and will still allow you to remain stealthy during matches.


  • Works well in various weather conditions
  • Doesn’t cost much to maintain
  • Gamma Core
  • Not too loud considering the small barrel
  • Comes with a rebuild kit
  • Fit for beginners and seasoned players


  • You will end up having to upgrade the barrel eventually


Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker Black 14913

Just like the Tippmann TMC, the Stormer Elite also has a dual fed modular design so can be used with a hopper or MagFed so regardless of your preference you’ll still have the opportunity to alternate between both.

The Stormer Elite is a bit more affordable than the TMC however you are compromising on quality and some features if you downgrade to the Stormer Elite.  

The Elite version allows room for loads of Tippmann upgrades and customization on the Picatinny rail so if you’re a fan of putting lasers or sights on your marker then you can.  

The market is user friendly, great for beginners but also versatile enough for more experienced players to make good use of as well.

The Stormer Elite has a six-position adjustable stock so regardless of height or build, you’ll be able to find a position comfortable and secure enough to fire away.  

The marker is made up of a high-impact composite body that can withstand knocks and scrapes in challenging playing scenarios.

It also still manages to be very lightweight despite its great durability. 

The grip frame featured on the marker is comfortable and lets you get a secure grip when carrying and shooting the gun. 

Unlike the Tippmann TMC, the Stormer Elite allows you to easily take off the shroud by simply pressing a button so you can quickly access the barrel or clean out any pieces from the shroud if you’ve taken a bad shot.  

The gas attachment is featured at the bottom of the gun, which doesn’t interfere with your gameplay or when you carry it around on the field. 


  • Easy to clean
  • High-impact composite body
  • Six position adjustable stock
  • Versatile
  • Bottom mounted gas feed


  • Basic safety switch (hard to tell when it is on safety mode)


Action Village Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit - Tactical & Basic (Basic Black)

The Action Village Tippmann Cronus Package Kit is the ultimate starter kit for any novice looking to step into the world of paintballing for the first time.

The Cronus is Tippmann’s least expensive range of paintball guns but the price doesn’t mean you compromise on quality and reliability. 

You get a choice of the Cronus Basic or Cronus Tactical gun when you purchase and if you wanted to get the most out of the money you’re spending, you should opt for the Cron

Both options of markers are compatible with any hopper and you can also customize them with sights and lasers if you wish.

However, unlike the A-5 or other Tippmann models, you can’t upgrade the Cronus due to its basic design. 

The Cronus Tactical marker is pretty much the same as the Basic, however,  it has the adjustable positioned stock incorporated, a carry handle, and a covered shroud.

If you want to go for the smaller basic model then you can do so and you’ll still have the option to get an upgrade kit to make it into the Tactical marker later on.

The grip is very comfortable to hold and features finger grooves so you can get a secure grip when firing the gun. 

You’ll get a 20oz CO2 tank included with your kit, which is quite rare to be included with paintball guns nowadays and will save you having to go and buy your own.

You’ll also get a free high-quality paintballing mask to wear when you’re playing and also a branded Tippmann black harness to secure your gun on to.

The kit is ‘the whole package’ and will save you buying to spend extra money on all the accessories needed when buying a paintball gun for the first time. 

You even get 140 round paintball pods with the kit so you can set up and head out to a field and start playing as soon as your new package arrives.


  • Great marker for true beginners
  • CO2 tank included
  • Mask included
  • Very comfortable grips
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for kids


  • Very basic model so no upgrades available


Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Slime)

We have another entry-level paintball gun and it’s by the brand Kingman Spyder and also comes in a package kit, so is great for beginners or even younger players looking to get their own kit.  

The Spyder Victor is a semi-automatic paintball gun that offers excellent gas efficiency and reliable shooting every time you use it.

The market comes with a standard 10” barrel which will fit most paint, however, you can upgrade to a larger barrel if needed. 

The gun cannot be compared to more top of the range models from the Kingman Spyder brand or other competitor brands at all.

Whilst the gun does shoot well and will last through different terrains and conditions, it is not meant for professional use and does not offer all the upgrades like more expensive models.

You get a comfortable mask included which has anti-fogging capabilities, so no matter how hot and sweaty you get whilst playing, you’ll still be able to see.

The mask also comes with a detachable visor that you can put on to shade your eyes when you play during bright sunny days. There is also a chinstrap included so you can comply with safety regulations of designated fields and venues. 

The harness included allows you to carry your pods, gas tank, and anything else you may need throughout your game without it affecting your gameplay. 

The one major downside of this marker is that the hopper never feels completely secure and the attachment has broken off in some instances. However, we did not experience any breakage as of yet so it must just be luck of the draw. 


  • Good gas efficiency 
  • Visor included for protection for eyes
  • Good marker for beginner users
  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Anti-fog mask included


  • Hopper attachment is unreliable
  • The gas tank comes empty


Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun with ACT , Black

Tippmann does dominate in the paintballing world and where they offer some top of the range markets for experienced and professional players, they also offer some very basic entry-level markers for those who’ve never played before.

The Tippmann 98 is exactly that, however, it is still very versatile and can be upgraded with numerous accessories. 

The shooting capabilities of the 98 can be compared to more premium models but at a way lower price point.

The marker is extremely durable and is commonly used as a rental gun at paintballing fields as it can withstand harsh weather conditions, falls and is scraped across surfaces. 

There is an integrated anti-chop system that minimizes paint breakage and reduces the amount of internal cleaning you’ll have to do with this marker. 

The 98 works with CO2 and compressed air, so suits whatever you have in your area or what can be used at your local venues.

The market will suit most paintballers as it shoots up to 8 shots a second and is suitable for most scenarios.

There is also more recoil with this marker which will then, in turn, affect the standard of firing consecutively.

The market only comes with an 8” barrel which may be too small for experienced players, however, due to its upgrade capabilities you’ll be able to get a larger barrel to suit your game.  


  • Durable
  • Anti-chop system
  • Will work with compressed air and CO2
  • Good shooting capabilities
  • Easily upgradable
  • Reliable brand  


  • Barrel is short
  • Longer recoil

Best Paintball Guns Under $300 Buying Guide


Pump paintball guns have been around the longest and tilted like a shotgun, they work well whilst being simple to use and can improve the way you play when you’re out on the field.

If you’re someone who has never played or you are a casual player then a mechanical paintball gun will suit you best, it is less fiddly as it has fewer parts and it is also more durable due to its strong construction.

Mechanical paintball guns are the most commonly used and they are often the ones you will hire out in a paintballing venue.

If you play paintballing competitively then you could opt for an electric paintball gun that is powered by a battery. You can program these guns for different modes using the circuit board that comes with it.

Electronic guns are less reliable and are more prone to breaking due to electrical failures. You should opt for electronic guns if you want to fire numerous rounds per second. 


You’ll need to consider how heavy the gun you’re buying is and if it will be light enough for you to carry around the field, lift and shoot at your targets for long periods.

Getting a paintball gun that is too heavy for you can seriously impact your game negatively and you won’t be playing to your true potential. A good paintball gun should weigh around 3lbs or less.


Caliber is the diameter of your paintball. There are 3 main sizes of caliber, 0.43, 0.50, and 0.68 and the most used one in paintball venues is 0.68. 0.68 caliber has great velocity and will properly splatter the opposition.

As 0.68 is slightly larger you cannot fit as many into your hopper, which won’t affect those who are seasoned paintball players, however, if you’re new to the game, you’ll need more rounds to try and hit your targets. 0.50 is lower impact and normally used for kids’ parties at venues as they are beginner-friendly.

The lower the caliber the less it hurts on impact, however, paintballs don’t hurt too bad when you’re hit with them.

You can buy conversion kits if your paintball gun does not match your caliber. 


Try to find a paintball gun that offers a 1 or 2-year warranty, this ensures that the brand will take care of any repairs or replacements needed which abides by the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Scratching or damaging your paintball gun whilst playing will not be covered in the warranty. However, if your paintball gun arrives with defects or breaks and it wasn’t your fault who broke it, then you should be eligible for a free replacement from the manufacturer. 


If you are looking for a paintball gun for under $300 then do not expect them to be made from the high-quality material that is carbon fiber.

Most paintball guns within your budget will be made from aluminum, but you should try to find ones that are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. 

This will ensure that your gun is more durable and withstand all the knocks and falls in paintballing. Air-craft grade aluminum is still very lightweight, even when your market is full, however, it will not dent if you drop it like it would with regular everyday aluminum. 

Color and pattern

Believe it or not, the color or pattern can be an important factor you’ll need to consider before buying a paintball gun. It’s not just all about the aesthetic however, certain colors and patterns can help you camouflage into your surroundings in the field, so depending on what kind of fields you play in will impact how well your gun is seen by other players.

The best camouflage colored guns are grey, black, dark green, and brown, these will suit most scenarios without standing out too much. Whilst bright colors and patterns can look super snazzy, it’ll be easier to spot in the field so you’ll be shot more of people will see you before you shoot at them. 


If you’re going to spend around the $300 mark on a paintball gun then you better try to find some inclusive accessories to get your money's worth. A lot of brands will offer bundles with the gun included to try to boost sales.

Some paintball accessories you can get included are CO2 tanks, hoppers, visors, and also paintball gun harnesses. Buying some of these accessories separately will put you above your $300 budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to carry around a paintball gun?

Paintball guns are considered a firearm in certain jurisdictions but not in others, so you’ll have to check with the local laws and regulations within your area before you decide to casually fire a round of paintballs in public. 

It is considered illegal to carry a paintball gun that is fully loaded in public, however, if your paintball gun is dismantled and within a box being stored with the gears of the gun being apart then it is safe to carry around. 

Can a paintball gun kill?

Answer: Paintball guns are not known for instantaneously killing people or animals like a proper firearm, however, if you shot someone or something repeatedly at close range in a very delicate part of the body e.g. the head or throat, then it could cause serious implications which could then lead to death.

Without proper protection, you will normally accumulate some bruising if you’ve been paintballing, however, there are no fatal risks if you play the game safely and to the rules.

What hurts more airsoft or paintball?

Both airsoft and paintballs can hurt pretty bad, however, due to the larger size and weight of paintballs, they tend to hurt more than airsoft.

Can anyone buy a paintball gun?

In the US, you have to be older than 18 years of age if you want to buy a paintball gun on your own. However, if you are younger than 18 then you can still buy one as long as you are accompanied by an adult.

The age to be allowed to play paintball in the US can differ from state and also paintballing center, however, on average the age is about 10-12 years and written consent sometimes has to be given if an adult cannot be present.  

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