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9 Best Paintball Gloves

Paintballing gloves are an important part of your paintballing attire. Failing to invest in a pair presents a risk to the safety of your fingers and hands. This thin layer of material can be effective in absorbing the harsh impact from the paintballs while making it easier for you to maintain a secure grip on your […]

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9 Best Paintball Tanks

If you are an experienced paintballing pro, you probably want to consider moving on from rental equipment and invest in your very own. When getting to this stage, you will need to think about paintball tanks. These come in many different sizes and have varying materials.Whether you are on a budget or have a little

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8 Best Paintball Pistols

There are many necessary accessories if you want to enter the world of paintball. Most paintball users will go for paintball markers as their weapon of choice as these will cause the most hits but a side weapon is always a handy bonus. Adding a paintball pistol to your armory will broaden your possibilities. Certain playing

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8 Best Paintball Elbow Pads

Paintball is a bunch of fun, but it’s also super dangerous, and not just because people are trying to fill you full of paint, but because to avoid that paint, you have to throw yourself around like a ragdoll in a hurricane.We’re not saying that getting shot by those candy-ish looking balls doesn’t pose a

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7 Best Paintball Armor

Purchasing paintball armor is an essential step to the world of paintballing. Whether you are a young or older newcomer, or an experienced player, it is important to buy the right type of protective armor to prevent bruising and injury.  As anyone who has been hit by a paintball will know, they can hurt enough

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Dye i4 vs i5: Which is Better?

As anyone who enjoys paintballing knows, a mask is an essential part of equipment if you want to enjoy yourself. They provide protection to your eyes and allow you to simply focus on enjoying rather than protecting yourself.  While there are quite a lot of different companies who manufacture, one of the leading companies is

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9 Best Tactical Pants

Finding the right pants that are durable, practical but most importantly comfortable can be a challenge.  You don’t want to be worrying about whether your trousers are water, dirt, and oil resistant, you’d rather wholeheartedly know that you’re prepared for any eventuality life throws at you. Tactical pants can be game changing when it comes to

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8 Best Airsoft Goggles

When it comes to playing airsoft, it’s important to take eye protection seriously.  While the pellets fired from airsoft guns will likely only leave red welts on the skin if your opposing team gets a hit on you, those tiny projectiles could do some serious damage to your eyes if they’re left unprotected.  It’s well

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Empire Sniper Review

An exceptionally durable, tournament-level paintball gun. A real tournament level paintball gun that looks outstanding and keeps durability in mind. You can guarantee premium top-notch quality performance on the field with the Empire Sniper.It is a high-quality pump un which is based on famous WGP snipers or the Autococker design as it can also be

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