9 Best Paintball Gloves

Paintballing gloves are an important part of your paintballing attire. Failing to invest in a pair presents a risk to the safety of your fingers and hands.

This thin layer of material can be effective in absorbing the harsh impact from the paintballs while making it easier for you to maintain a secure grip on your equipment to enhance your performance. 

9 Best Paintball Gloves

There are several types of paintballing gloves available with different styles and material compositions to choose from.

To make this process easier for you, we have scoured the market for our top 5 picks of the best options available.

Below, we have also included a buyer's guide with some factors to consider and our top tips to help you make the best purchase for your needs. 

If you're in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.


FREETOO Ankle Brace

As an Amazon Best Seller, the FREETOO Gloves are a strong contender. The finger panels are made from thermoplastic rubber while the main section is made from PVC padding.

This reinforced design offers full protection to prevent your hands and fingers getting injured following impact with the paintballs.

In regards to durability, these are 'military-grade' gloves that have been designed to withstand the elements. The double-layer stitching ensures that they resist damage to see you through many uses.

They also incorporate leather padding into the palm section which allows you to maintain a secure grip on your equipment. 

As for breathability, these gloves boast a ventilated design with mesh padding that helps to reduce the build-up of sweat and moisture for comfortable wear.

Using the hook and loop closure you can adjust the fit of the gloves to ensure that your wrists are protected against potential injury. 


  • There are available in a range of sizes from medium to XX-large so you can select the best option for your needs.
  • They are covered by a 180-day refund warranty should you experience any issues.
  • The heavy-duty design ensures that your hands are sufficiently protected against injury.
  • The ventilated design allows the air and moisture to circulate.
  • You can maintain a secure grip on your equipment thanks to the material that has been used along the finger sections.


  • The quality of the wrist strap could be improved as it is a little flimsy.


Glove Station The Combat Motorcycle Gloves - Tactical Gloves with Touchscreen for Outdoor Sports, BMX, Dirt Bike and Cycling - Combat Gloves for Airsoft, Paintball and Work - Black, Small Size

The Glove Station Military Combat Tactical Rubber Gloves have been designed to offer maximum protection to your hands.

Courtesy of the reinforced knuckle molded sections, the delicate parts of your hands are going to be protected against potential injury. 

In regards to flexibility, the joints of these gloves have been made with neoprene fabric which allows you to move your fingers freely.

The polyurethane leather fingertips enhance your grip on your equipment allowing you to perform to your greatest ability. 

Durably designed, these gloves boast double-stitched seams that offer impressive toughness and longevity regardless of the conditions in which they are worn.

Using the hook and loop strap you can secure the gloves to a comfortable fit and this offers protection to your wrists too.

The back of the gloves features rubber aero vents along with mesh padding which allows for effective air circulation thanks to the improved heat dissipation.


  • These gloves are covered by a lifetime warranty so there is help available if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.
  • The textured palm section allows you to maintain a better grip on your equipment. 
  • There are 4 different colors available so you can select your preferred option.
  • These gloves are available in an assortment of sizes from small to XX-large.
  • They offer excellent protection while remaining comfortable to wear. 


  • The quality of the materials could be improved as the material is prone to tearing following a few wears. 


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Boasting a heavy-duty construction, the REEBOW Tactical Airsoft Paintball Full Finger Gloves are made from microfiber leather which offers excellent protection and resistance against impact and abrasion. 

Weighing a minimal 4.3 ounces these are lightweight gloves that are going to feel comfortable to wear.

The finger and palm sections are also made with anti-slip materials that allow you to maintain a secure grip on your equipment. 

The high-quality stitching accounts for excellent durability ensuring that the gloves are resistant to wear and tear.

The top of these gloves has been designed with breathable mesh material that allows for effective airflow so you can wear these gloves with comfort, even in warmer climates.

The fingertip design provides you with plenty of flexibility so that you can move your fingers freely. 


  • The hook and loop closure allows you to adjust the fit and protect your gloves from impact.
  • The brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you experience any issues with the gloves that you receive.
  • Affordably priced, they are a valuable option for those on a budget.
  • There are multiple sizes available so you can select the best fit.
  • The heavy-duty design is resistant to impact and abrasion.


  • Some customers have reported that the knuckle sections aren't as tough as they were expecting them to be.


WTACTFUL Tactical Gloves for Men Women Airsoft Paintball Gear Motorcycle Cycling Motorbike Hunting Hiking Riding Work Outdoor Touchscreen Full Finger Gloves Small Black

If you are looking for gloves that offer high-quality protection against impact, look no further than the WTACTFUL Full Finger Paintball Gloves.

Designed with numerous protective features these gloves have been made from microfiber with thermal rubber hard shells along the knuckles.

The thickness of this rubber provides the necessary protection while offering a comfortable cushioning effect for added comfort too.

As for durability, these gloves have been carefully stitched to ensure that they withstand damage and wear well.

Thanks to the integrated material that is used on the tip of the thumb and the middle finger you can still use your phone with ease if necessary.

We are particularly impressed with the versatility of these gloves, while they are great for paintball they can be worn for a range of other sports too. 

In regards to breathability, the material used to create these gloves allows for effective airflow which is going to prevent the build-up of sweat and moisture, essential when worn in warmer climates. 


  • The hook and loop closure allows you to customize the tightness of these gloves.
  • There is a stylish array of colors to choose from.
  • These gloves are touchscreen material thanks to the integrated material construction.
  • You can choose from 4 different sizes ranging from small to X large. 
  • The padding of these gloves makes them very comfortable and effective in offering enhanced protection.


  • Some may not like the fit of these gloves due to the length of the finger sections.


HK Army Pro Paintball Gloves - Arctic - Small

The HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves boast an exciting aesthetic and eye-catching design that makes them a super stylish option.

As for the protection that these gloves offer, they have been made from thermoformed neoprene with a grooved backing that protects your hands from potential injury.

The palm section has also been made from screen printed silicone so you can maintain a secure grip on your paintball marker.

Although these gloves are robustly designed they don't compromise on flexibility. As 2 finger gloves, the index and middle finger are left exposed so that you can grip onto the trigger with ease.

Despite this, your hands will remain sufficiently protected up to the knuckles. 

The velcro straps allow you to secure and release these gloves with ease. You can also adjust the fit to ensure that they remain comfortably fitted for the duration of your paintballing session.

The tough padding of this strap also ensures that your wrists are adequately protected from impact too. 


  • There are multiple colors to choose from so you can select your preferred option.
  • With 4 sizes available you can select the best fit for your hands. 
  • The design of these gloves certainly does not compromise on flexibility as you will be able to grip onto your marker with ease.
  • The material construction contributes to a comfortable pair of gloves.
  • The velcro strap allows you to secure the gloves to a comfortable fit.


  • The dye from the gloves is prone to transferring onto the skin after wear.


AXBXCX Tactical Gloves Motorcycles Gloves for Men Airsoft Paintball Motorbike Hunting Full Finger Touch Screen Gloves Black S

The AXBXCX Full Finger Gloves are effectively designed to provide impact resistance and protection against the paintballs.

The palm section has been made from microfiber material which makes them comfortable to wear.

The use of this material also creates a pair of durable gloves that are going to refrain from getting easily damaged. 

The inclusion of mesh creates breathable, well-ventilated gloves which are going to allow the air to circulate for comfortable wear.

While the material is tough against impact and damage, you are still provided with the flexibility to move your hands freely.

The gloves are also lightweight at only 4.6 ounces so they aren't going to feel overly weighty and uncomfortable. 

Should you require use of your phone at any point whilst wearing these gloves you will be pleased to know that the forefinger fingertip has been made with touch-sensitive material that allows you to do so.

These gloves also feature a hook and loop closure which allows you to adjust the gloves to a secure and comfortable fit. 


  • There is a selection of sizes to choose from so you can select the pair that is going to fit your hands comfortably. 
  • The durable design and high-quality stitching ensure that these gloves will see you through many wears.
  • The padding and material composition make them comfortable to wear. 
  • They offer great flexibility so you can move your fingers freely. 
  • Thanks to the ventilated design, these gloves are super breathable.


  • The sizing runs a little big so it is worth being aware of this beforehand.


Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves - Stealth Black - Small/Medium

For those wanting flexibility without compromising on the protection, these Half Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves from Maddog provide a viable option.

Offering excellent maneuverability, the finger sections feature shielding up to the knuckles for enhanced protection while allowing you to move the tops of your fingers freely.

The use of mesh fabric creates breathable gloves that are effectively ventilated. They also feature a padded palm for enhanced comfort.

The careful placement of low profile shielding at different points of the gloves ensures that you aren't subject to any discomfort should you be confronted with the impact of a paintball. 

Thanks to the elasticated strap you can ensure that these gloves fit securely so that they do not fall off during your paintballing session. This also provides a decent amount of protection to your wrist. 


  • They are an excellent budget option as they retail at a super affordable price. 
  • The fingerless design provides convenient maneuverability and protection. 
  • You can select the size that is going to fit your hands comfortably.
  • The mesh fabric ensures that the air can circulate through these gloves effectively. 
  • The velcro strap is well made and allows you to customize the fit of the gloves.


  • Some may find them a little big and bulky so it is necessary to be cautious of this when selecting your size. 


Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men's Tactical Gloves Flexible Rubber Knuckle Protective for Hunting Hiking Airsoft Paintball Motorcycle Motorbike Riding Outdoor Gloves Black S

The Seibertron Tactical Military Paintball Gloves adopt a fingerless design on the thumb, index, and middle finger to provide greater flexibility in allowing you to move these fingers to grasp the trigger of your paintball marker.

The last two fingers are fully covered. Despite the design meaning that three fingers are exposed, they are still protected up to the knuckle. 

Along the back of the hand, the finger sections and knuckles are patented thermoplastic rubber which resists impact to ensure that these parts of your hands are sufficiently protected against any potential injury.

The palm section features padding which allows you to securely grip your equipment with minimal hand fatigue. 

The wrist closure allows you to secure the gloves to a comfortable fit whilst also ensuring that your wrist is also offered protection against any impact.

Thanks to the combination of leather and rubber which has been used to construct the gloves they are going to be super durable and effective in resisting potential damage.


  • There is an impressive range of sizes available from XS to XXL so you can select the most appropriate size. 
  • The design offers flexibility so that you can move three of your fingers freely. 
  • They retail at an affordable price which is ideal for those who are on a budget. 
  • The fabric allows you to maintain a secure grip on your equipment so you can perform to your best ability.
  • They are comfortable to wear - important during lengthy paintballing sessions.


  • The quality could be improved as the protective padding is prone to tearing after a few wears.


Exalt Paintball Death Grip Glove - White - XL

Last but certainly not least are the Exalt Paintball Death Grip Gloves. They boast an impressive 3D contoured rubber bone design which makes them an eye-catching addition to your paintballing attire.

The placement of this padding also absorbs impact while correlating with your finger movements for enhanced flexibility. 

The palms have been made from synthetic leather while the rest of the glove has been made from neoprene. The combination of both materials ensures that your hands are sufficiently protected from any impact.

This material also allows for easy maneuverability working to absorb the impact of harsh environments and paintballing sessions. 

Just like some of our previous picks, these gloves cover three fingers while leaving the index and middle finger exposed. As such, this enables you to move your fingers to hold the trigger of your marker with ease. 


  • You can choose from 3 different colors; black, white and grey.
  • As there is an assortment of sizes available you can select the best option for your needs.
  • The bold design makes them an eye-catching addition to your paintballing attire. 
  • They are durably constructed thanks to the use of rubber and leather.
  • The strap along the wrist allows you to alter the fit if needed.


  • They retail within a higher price range and maybe an unaffordable option for those on a budget.

Best Paintball Gloves Buying Guide

You will need to consider a range of factors before investing in your paintball gloves.

Although there are many different options available some are going to lack quality when compared to others. 

The Style of Gloves

First, you will need to consider the style of gloves that you require as there are multiple options to choose from, this includes fingerless gloves, full finger gloves, and two-finger gloves.

You may have a preference for a particular style. While some ensure that your hands and fingers are completely protected, others will be more flexible.

Fingerless gloves provide more freedom to move your fingers to control the paintball marker. Full finger gloves offer excellent protection as they completely cover your hands and fingers.

Two-finger gloves essentially combine the qualities of both by protecting your hands and two fingers giving you the flexibility to move your other fingers with ease.

The Comfort

The Comfort of the gloves is super important. You don't want to be participating in an intense sport like paintballing while wearing uncomfortable attire.

Foam and padding are preferable as this is going to protect your hands from harsh contact while ensuring that they are comfortable to wear. 

The Breathability

It is necessary to consider the breathability of the gloves. Ideally, they should be made with mesh or moisture-wicking materials that prevent sweat and moisture from building up.

A well-ventilated design will absorb this moisture allowing you to wear these gloves comfortably. 

The Protection

One of the main reasons why most opt to wear gloves is to protect their hands from potential injury.

If your gloves are insufficiently padded they are going to be ineffective in fulfilling this purpose. 

The Durability

Another important factor is the durability of the gloves. Due to the conditions in which they are likely to be worn in, they need to be designed to withstand harsh impact.

Many will be made from wear-resistant materials that are going to prevent the gloves from tearing and becoming damaged.

They also need to be able to withstand different weather conditions. Durable gloves are going to maintain their quality and because of this, they will see you through many uses. 

The Type of Material

The type of material that is used to construct the gloves can differ between brands, however, you will find that the most common type that is used to create the gloves is Kevlar, Silicone, or Neoprene. Each material possesses qualities that make them a great option.

Kevlar absorbs the majority of impact from the balls so it is less painful. Silicone is a great choice because the texture allows you to maintain a secure grip. Neoprene is also a great option because it has the strength to absorb a lot of impacts to protect your hands. 

The Size

Most brands offer their gloves in a variety of sizes and this is great for accommodating different hand sizes. If your gloves are too tight they are going to restrict your ability to move your hands freely.

If the gloves are too big there is a risk of them becoming loose and falling off during the paintballing sessions. Most will be designed with a feature that allows you to alter the fit if necessary. 

The Price

The cost of the paintballing gloves can vary between the brands, however on the whole they tend to be a pretty affordable purchase with most retailing below $20.

If you want to invest in a high-end pair there is an option available to suit this, likewise, if you are working with a more restricted budget there is an option to suit this too.

Several factors can influence the price of the gloves. For example, the materials and brand by which they are manufactured. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are paintball gloves worth it?

Paintballing gloves protect your hands from harsh contact with paintballs which can be painful if you are not equipped with the correct protection.

For this reason, paintball gloves are worthy of purchase.

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