8 Best Paintball Pistols

There are many necessary accessories if you want to enter the world of paintball. Most paintball users will go for paintball markers as their weapon of choice as these will cause the most hits but a side weapon is always a handy bonus.

Adding a paintball pistol to your armory will broaden your possibilities. Certain playing scenarios make it almost impossible to use your usual marker with precision so a smaller pistol will come into its own.

Paintball pistols add another level of fun and excitement to paintball. If you want to go into stealth mode, you can drop your rifle and focus on the enemy with your pistol in hand. Their compact design is easy to use and can improve your performance.

Of course, not all paintball pistols are the same shape and design. That is what is so exciting about them. Each one is different and offers unique possibilities.

With around half a dozen pistol designs to consider, it can be difficult to choose the right one to serve alongside your conventional marker.

8 Best Paintball Pistols

We have compiled a list of the 8 best paintball pistols for you to consider.

Our in-depth reviews, including the pros and cons of each, are followed by a buyer’s guide with added factors you should consider when buying one. Our FAQs section will answer any queries leftover so you can shop in confidence.

Can’t wait to see what our top choice is? Ready, aim, fire!


T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

The Umarex T4E TMP1 will take your paintballing game to the next level. An excellent choice for quick, accurate shots.

It is a solid pistol made from hard-wearing metal along with polymer material for extra durability.

The solid structure doesn’t add any extra weight with the lightweight gun only weighing just over 500 grams.

The Umarex T4E TMP1 is a semi-automatic with blowback action. It accepts .43 caliber paintball rounds as well as rubber ball ammunition.

The ammo capacity is a sufficient 8 rounds to target your opponents. The T4E TMP1’s trigger pull is excellent.

When you pull it, the inner barrel is forced back into the magazine. A paintball read is then moved into the barrel and is sealed securely.

The slide and catch is more evidence of this pistol’s solid build quality.

Hard-wearing metal is used to enforce durability as well as on the barrel, the magazine, and most of the internal parts. 

It is superb at minimizing CO2 waste for healthy use both indoors and outdoors.


  • Design is very lightweight but solid
  • The operation of the gun feels very realistic
  • Hard-wearing metal for a durable long-lasting pistol
  • Safety trigger and spring release are very reliable
  • Very stylish looking pistol with a great finish


  • Ammo capacity is quite low


Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

Next on our list is the quality Umarex T4E Walther PPQ. This is a highly reliable side-arm for those wanting to up their paintballing performance.

The specifications of this pistol are top-class. The finish is exquisite with a pared-back aesthetic that will look great with your gear and rifle.

It is very easy to use due to its realistic size and lightweight nature. You will feel invincible carrying this in your matches.

The Umarex T4E Walther PPQ has a realistic release mechanism with its 8-round magazine that includes the typical CO2 cartridges to power the pistol.

The catch and slide and barrel are made from hard-wearing metals so you can use the pistol over and over again.

Whether you’re a novice or pro paintballer, this gun is suitable for both. It provides you with a user-friendly option for your preferences with an adjustable rear sight.

The front sight is fixed allowing you to shoot easily and more accurately.


  • Authentic looking pistol with a pristine, quality finish
  • Lightweight and very easy to handle
  • Comes with an 8-round magazine with CO2 cartridges o power the pistol
  • Includes an accessory rail for your specifications
  • Includes a user-friendly option if preferred


  • The impact is not as high as some paintball pistols


HSA PACKAGE T4E S&W M&P9 M2 .43cal Co2 Semi Auto BlowBack Paintball Pistol W/Free 50ct T4E Rubber Balls.

If you are looking for a paintball pistol that could dramatically improve your performance, look no further than the T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2 HSA.

This semi-automatic sidearm is a favorite amongst well-established paintballers. You will love the features that come with this pistol along with its look.

The T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2 HSA utilizes a CO2 and blowback mechanism providing a good amount of power.

The build quality is of a very high standard. Vital components such as the barrel and internal parts are made from durable metal that will last for many paintballing matches.

The exterior casing is made from a polymer material and is hard-wearing for continued use. Its finish is one of the best we saw, feeling smooth, light, and easy in the hands. 

You get a lot for your money with the T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2 HSA package.

It comes with exciting extras such as a hard case, three interchangeable grip sizes (small, medium, large), rubber ball springs, one magazine, a manual, and a cleaning tool for critical maintenance.


  • Feels exceptional in the hands with a slick design and pristine finish
  • Very user friendly for both novices and pros
  • Extremely realistic replica 
  • The package comes with essential extras including  a hard case for storage and three different grip sizes to suit your needs


  • Quite complicated to take apart when needed
  • Has a limited ammo capacity


JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Marker Kit includes Goggle, 15g CO2 Jetts, Small Loader, Smoke

Up next is a very reliable and solid option. The JT ER4 RTP would be a great addition to your arsenal and will look the part too.

This efficient pistol is robust but made from composite material to keep it comfortable in the hands.

The lightweight feel of the pistol is especially important when in combat as it doesn’t weigh you down if you have a lot of gear.

The JT ER4 RTP is all about convenience. The feed port is made into a low-profile vertical angle for easier reloading of ammo while the safety trigger push button is a very handy feature when in matches.

Not only is the pistol high-quality but it comes with an abundance of top-quality accessories. In order to get the most from your marker, the JT ER4 RTP comes equipped with the JT Guardian Protective Paintball Goggle System.

These excellent goggles are made with fog-resistant lenses for clear vision at all times. The pistol has a 40-round loader as standard and an impressive barrel plug to act as another safety feature.

It prevents cartridges from being shot from the barrel accidentally. A very handy feature.


  • Highly durable construction to withstand bumps and knocks when in use
  • Very reliable and efficient pistol at all times
  • Includes a low-profile vertical feed for easy and fast reloading
  • Includes goggles with fog-resistant lenses to see clearly in all conditions
  • Has a barrel plug to prevent shots from being discharged accidentally


  • Beginners may find it hard to get to grips with


JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit clear

The renowned JT ER2 Pump Pistol is next on our list and is a beginner-friendly choice.

If you are starting out or just want a budget-friendly pistol, the JT ER2 Pump Pistol couldn’t be better. It delivers effortlessly smooth shots to get your target with ease.

Some pistols are known to block when firing but the JT ER2 Pump Pistol features anti-chop technology to prevent this from happening.

Its inline feed system will ensure the pistol’s effectiveness in matches and it is capable of firing up to 5bps with superb caliber.

AS with similar paintball pistols, this model uses a 12g CO2 cartridge and spring that pushes the paintball out of the barrel with considerable force.

Its long barrel is perfect for improving your accuracy and enhancing your shooting performance.

Alongside these excellent features are three paintball tubes and a barrel plug to stop accidental shots.

You are able to shoot around 25 paintballs with every 12-gram CO2 cartridge but you’ll need to cock it every time you shoot.

You will love the practicality of the JT ER2 Pump Pistol, especially when in the midst of paintball battles.


  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners or novices
  • Compact and lightweight for a comfortable, practical feel
  • Fires serenely smooth shots with no chance of blockage
  • Includes three paintball tubes to get started straight away
  • Solid build for long-lasting use


  • Have to cock it every time you want to take a shot
  • Considerably louder than most pistols when being cocked


JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol .50 Cal - Blue

This is a very affordable piece of kit that is user-friendly and fun to use. The JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol fires smooth, fast shots with ease.

It feels authentic and sturdy in the hands with no discomfort. It offers a 7-round paintball magazine that can be easily ejected and replaced when needed.

The JT Splatmaster z100 uses a spring-loaded mechanism for a reliable shooting performance.

The firing velocity is very good with up to 150 feet per second being managed.

It has a highly respectable range of 100 feet making it a good back up to your typical marker. 

One highlight of the JT Splatmaster z100 is its cost-effectiveness. There is no need to invest in CO2 cartridges so you will save a lot of money going forward.

If you are a less experienced paintballer, the JT Splatmaster z100 is a great start. You will have no trouble operating its smooth cocking action.

An additional cocking assists handle is another helpful feature to help novices or younger players handle the weapon safely.


  • Exceptionally easy to get to grips with making it perfect for younger players or beginners
  • It has a remarkably smooth cocking action 
  • Includes a spring-firing action for quick shots
  • Cost-effective with no need for C02 cartridges
  • An impressive firing range of 100 feet and firing velocity of 150 feet per second


  • Design is quite basic and doesn’t stand out as much as other models
  • Not the most appealing choice for more experienced paintballers


T4E New Walther PPQ M2 (GEN2) The Most Realistic.43cal CO2 Semi Auto Blow Back Paintball Pistol BLK

The Walther TA4 PPQ M2 paintball pistol is another popular choice amongst paintballing enthusiasts.

It is ergonomically designed to keep the user’s comfort as the main priority. Many paintballers have actually said it feels just like a real gun in their hands.

This 0.43 caliber paintball pistol comes equipped with a metallic slide, superior-quality barrel, 8 round drop metallic magazines, and an elegant polymer finishing on the handle’s grip.

Not only does it look stylish, but it is a powerful pistol capable of firing 8bps from its 12-gram CO2 cartridge in the magazine.

The CO2 cylinder can be loaded up to three times letting you fire 24 shots with a top-quality pneumatic blowback system.

This state of the art feature allows you to use different paintballs like powdered balls, pepper-sho balls, and rubber balls.

Accuracy is key in paintballing so the addition of a fixed foresight and modifiable rear sight are welcome extras.

 These help ensure your impact points are aligned perfectly for absolute precision. A laser or flashlight are great bonuses too so you can focus in all conditions.


  • Has an ergonomic polymer grip to prevent the pistol from slipping out of your hands
  • Includes a 3-dot sight with a modifiable rear sight to enhance your precision and aim
  • Has a safety lock mechanism to stop any accidental shots
  • Safe to use with a hard kick blowback 
  • Comes with one magazine and a hard case for safekeeping


  • Trigger action can be quite delayed
  • Magazine capacity is rather small


No products found.

This high-quality replica will do you proud on the paintball field. The Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver is highly impressive with a combination of rugged good looks of a classic revolver firearm with a serenely smooth bore barrel.

It is compatible with .50 caliber paintball rounds and is pretty lightweight at only 726 grams. The finish is of a high-grade with a metal and polymer construction ensuring a durable design.

The Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver handles somewhat differently to most conventional paintball pistols.

You may find it feels a little unusual and awkward when firing at first but practice will soon help you come to grips with it. 

Its trigger and firing action will take some time getting used to as accuracy can be a little off at first. This isn’t an exact replica of any existing firearm.

It combines a revolver’s classic shape with a more modern design to look more appealing in the contemporary paintball gun market.


  • The TR50 has a wide scope of customization with different accessories such as lights and lasers
  • It includes five magazines that cab preloaded for practicality
  • Stylish design that looks great and is easy to use
  • Made from high-grade metal for a solid build quality


  • The CO2 requires regular reloading and replenishing
  • CO2 is not included with the package

8 Best Paintball Pistols Buying Guide

We hope these eight reviews have helped you with your quest to find a quality new paintball pistol. Before you jump the gun, there are a few factors to think about first.

Not all paintball pistols are the same. With different levels of paintballing come varying levels of pistols. Along with some other important points, read below to understand more about your next paintball pistol.

Pistol Types

There are several designs and types of pistols to consider. The most basic type of paintball pistol is probably the pump-action version.

These forms of pistols have a pump component that has to be manually operated to set up your next round of ammunition before taking a shot. 

Pump action pistols are typically simple in design and construction but this simplicity doesn’t take away the robustness or durability of the pistols.

These models are exceptional sidearms with high-quality mechanisms and are superbly reliable. Some of the most experienced paintballers even prefer pump-action pistols despite their simplicity and limitations.

Another common type of paintball pistol is the semi-automatic. Like the pump-action type, this has very simple functionality. All you have to do is pull the trigger to take a shot and that’s it.

There are some variants within the semi-automatic range. Alongside the basic manual models, you can also choose electro-pneumatic semi-automatic pistols and these are becoming a popular choice in the modern paintballing world.

More advanced pistols

If you are more experienced in paintballing, you want to consider a ramping paintball pistol. These are superb for continuous shooting as you press the trigger over and over again for more shots.

Although a more advanced weapon, beginners find the ramping pistols convenient for faster firing rates and help them get more shots in despite their lack of experience.  

Another type of pistol for quick firing shots is a fully-automatic model. These have all the features of a ramping pistol and more. The difference is that these don’t need you to continuously pull the trigger to shoot.

Those with a large firing rate are usually costly and not really suitable for newbies as lots of practice is needed to master this type.

Lastly, the three-shot burst paintball gun is another option. These are simple to use again with one pull of the trigger for three rounds.

Three shot burst pistols are generally used by the more advanced paintballer as it takes time to get to grips with. Newcomers may find the mechanism and operation of this pistol a little tricky to start with.

The Budget

Whether you have a good amount of cash to spend on a paintball pistol or you’re on a  tight budget, there is something out there for everyone. If you’re on a tighter budget, there are many entry-level options to choose from.

Of course, the functionality of these is limited compared to more advanced models but are a great way to start. If you’re looking for a long term investment, you should look for a pistol type that can be customized or enhanced.

If you have a slightly larger budget, don’t be afraid to splash out. Spending more in the first place will save you from buying another paintball weapon down the line.

Maintaining your pistol

As with your conventional paintball marker, pistols need the same dedication and maintenance to keep them in good working order. Regular cleaning and care should maintain their condition for a long time.

It is recommended you look for models that can be assembled and disassembled easily with little to no tools required. Carrying out the necessary maintenance should be straightforward and quick.

You should keep in mind the cost of replacement parts and repairs for your model before investing in one. This will give you a good idea of how much maintenance may cost in the long run.

The weight

Pistols will always be lighter than your standard marker but it's still crucial you consider their weight. The lighter your load in combat, the more stealthy you can move around.

Jumping out on your enemy will be far easier with a light sidearm equipped. Another reason weight is so important is how it can affect your stamina.

Paintballing is an active game with lots of running around. The last thing you need is equipment that will slow you down and tire you out. The lighter the pistol, the easier the game.

The size

Size is just as important as weight. The size can affect your cover ability and endurance in a match. Bigger guns will weigh more and won't be as comfy to hold and carry.

You should find a pistol that fits your hand and feels good to shoot with for better accuracy and efficiency. The barrel length is another part of the pistol you should consider.

Different sizes can affect you in the same ways, impeding your overall performance.

The caliber

Standard calibers for paintballs are .68 but there are other choices. If you use your pistol as a secondary weapon, it may be worth considering using a .50 caliber as these may be more effective.

These will allow you to shoot through bushes easily and can save you money.

Your level of experience

Think about your experience and comfort when using a paintball handgun. Sidearms may not be the best choice if you have little experience as you won’t get the most out of it.

Also, if you only paintball now and again, it may not be worth investing a lot of money in something that won’t be used too much. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are paintball pistols good?

There are pros and cons as with most paintballing weapons. The positives of using a paintball pistol are how they offer you increased maneuverability because of their compact nature and short barrels.

They can allow for quick shooting from hidden areas and can act as a substitute for your main marker if it jams, breaks, or is unloadable. The negatives are that their accuracy isn't as good and most have a limited round capacity so you will need to load more often.  

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