9 Best Paintball Tanks

If you are an experienced paintballing pro, you probably want to consider moving on from rental equipment and invest in your very own. When getting to this stage, you will need to think about paintball tanks. These come in many different sizes and have varying materials.

Whether you are on a budget or have a little extra to spend, there are options for everyone. Investing in a top-quality paintball tank should be your priority. Choosing the best paintball tank will give you hours of paintball fun in the field.

It is not easy finding the right paintball tank for your needs. There is a lot to consider before investing in one. We have compiled a list of the top 9 paintball tanks to help you decide which is best for you.

Our in-depth reviews will look at the pros and cons of each for a balanced argument. Our helpful buyer’s guide will then point out all the factors you need to look out for with paintball tanks followed by a FAQs section to finalize any queries you may still have.

Need to get away to that paintballing field right away? Here is our top choice:


Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator (ALL COLORS / SIZES) (68/4500 Carbon, Std Adj Reg, Translucent Black, 68ci)

Our first choice is an air tank that has impressed countless paintballers over the world. The Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank is a good size and delivers a top-class performance every time.

Its construction is made from carbon fiber which is exceptional at providing sturdiness but also remains lightweight. Its lightweight nature is easy to carry around in combat and will never slow you down. 

It's bigger size supplies you with more gas than many. It can last users for around two to three rounds before refilling, saving time and money. Despite its size, the HPA air tank is also easy to store when not in use.


  • Made from carbon fiber material for a sturdy yet lightweight design
  • Quite a big size to supply you with a good amount of gas (up to two or three rounds)
  • Helps users get better, more accurate shots 
  • Can easily customize it if you wanted
  • Easy to store when not in use


  • Prone to denting easily


Empire Paintball Basics 48ci 4500psi Air Tank

Here we have another top-quality and affordable paintball tank option. If you are considering upgrading to an HPA system, the Empire Paintball Carbon Fiber System would be a great choice. 

Its construction is mainly made out of carbon fiber for a lightweight yet highly durable result. You will love how light this is to carry around with you and how it won’t slow you down on the field. 

The Empire Paintball Carbon Fiber System also comes equipped with a regulator though this is made from lightweight aluminum.

This regulator will let you experience superb convenience in gameplay. The regulator uses pure energy technology to guarantee a stable pressure output and a good flow.

There is no doubt that this tank’s carbon air-filter system is wonderfully reliable.

Safety is of the utmost importance with tanks. The Empire Paintball Carbon Fiber System has a high level of safety thanks, in part, to its built-in low and high-pressure disks. Its 4,500 PSI fill capacity is phenomenal as well as its 800 PSI output pressure.

The tank should last several years with a 5-year retest cycle. 

The components of this system don’t just meet the requirements and standards of the paintball industry but they exceed them.

This should last a long time with proper care and maintenance and will do you proud on the battlefield.


  • Made from high-quality materials offering a sturdy, durable tank design
  • Features an excellent regulator built-in using lightweight aluminum for more convenience
  • Provides a stable pressure output and excellent flow
  • Exceptionally safe to use thanks to built-in low and high-pressure disks 
  • Has a 5-year test recycle to ensure the tank lasts several years


  • A little bigger than most paintball tanks


Maddog 20 Oz Refillable Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank Bottle- 1 Pack

Up next is an ideal CO2 tank for paintball guns. The Maddog Aluminum Paintball Tank is compatible with all standard CO2 markers and is made from top-quality and lightweight aluminum material.

Its construction is very sturdy as well as lightweight ensuring you can use it easily for prolonged use. 

The solid Maddog Aluminum Paintball Tank is capable of giving you approximately 800 to 1,000 shots per fill with a 20-oz capacity.

This 20-oz capacity will make sure you never run out of air in the middle of a battle. This should be more than adequate for even the most serious paintballer.

One advantage of this tank is that you will get an endless supply of CO2 air which is regarded as the least expensive and most readily available air.

A highlight of Maddog’s tanks is that they always use fresh tanks. This means none of their tanks are out of date and will be of the best quality possible in its price range.

Capable of withholding a good amount of pressure, the Maddog Aluminum Paintball Tank will provide you with more than enough on the field.


  • Made from high-quality aluminum that is durable and lightweight 
  • Capable of providing around 800 - 1,000 shots per fill
  • Includes 20.0z capacity ensuring you never run out of air in a game
  • Maddog always provide fresh tanks so you’ll never worry about receiving an out of date model
  • Great value for all of it has to offer


  • The pin valve has been known to leak on occasions


Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank- New 2019 Upgraded Version - Globally Certified

This is a brilliant choice for any beginner. Within its price range, the Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank is one of the most reliable choices.

A fantastic feature of this tank is how you can get a gun that requires compressed air quickly without the need for a carbon fiber tank.

This tank’s sturdy aluminum construction means it is of a superior industrial standard. If you want an efficient tank, the Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K is the one. 

It is vital you find a tank that is easy to carry and the Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K is just this. It is exceptionally lightweight and suitable for all kinds of paintballing scenarios.

If you have a tighter budget and want to upgrade from CO2 to compressed air, this is very affordable. Fiber-wrapped bottles will cost more so if that is out of your price range, you should consider this.

Although less expensive than many, the Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K is solidly built and will last a long time.

It comes equipped with a pure energy regulator to offer superb reliability and top performance. You can also replace the user-bonnet if required.

This tank allows you to use about 500 to 700 shots depending on your paintball marker. For more shots, this tank has a 3000 psi capacity fill and 800 psi output pressure.


  • Made from highly durable aluminum material for long-lasting use
  • Has high-pressure air for improved performance
  • You can replace the user-bonnet if you ever wanted to
  • Equipped with a fitted regulator for peak performance and reliability
  • Lightweight for an easy to use experience and for simpler storage


  • Although lightweight, it is a little heavier than some of its competitors


Tippmann Aluminum HPA Tank - 13/3000

Here we have another tank from the highly regarded brand Tippmann. The Tippmann Aluminum HPA Tank is very similar to our previous entry apart from its length and price.

It also has a wealth of advantages that will exceed your desires. If you want to win your paintball battles, this could be your worthy companion.

Its construction is made from premium quality aluminum that is robust and solid. This is more lightweight than its 48ci cousin meaning it is very easy to move around with and store when not in use. It is easy to maintain and, depending on your weapon, can make around 250 to 350 shots.

Despite its small size, the Tippmann Aluminum HPA Tank has a high fill capacity of 3000 psi and an 850 psi output for a good number of shots.

This is ideal for those who don’t tend to shoot a lot in games. Its fitted regulator is top-quality resulting in a reliable piece of equipment.

The Tippmann Aluminum HPA Tank has one of the best pressure consistency on the market. Another feature is its user-replaceable bonnet for added convenience. This is a perfect choice for beginners or just have it in your bag as a backup.


  • Highly durable aluminum construction for long term use in combat
  • Has a high consistent pressure for reliable use
  • Includes a user-replaceable bonnet in case the original gets damaged
  • Comes with a very reliable fitted regulator to lower the tank’s pressure and help shoot your paintball reliably


  • Has a smaller capacity than other models
  • Prone to denting when in use


HK Army Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank Air System - 48ci / 4500psi

Our sixth choice is a good low-budget HPA tank that offers just as much technical prowess as many of its competitors.

The HK Army AeroLite Air System combines the lightweight resilience of carbon fiber with an aluminum regulator for reliable, strong performance.

Its construction is high-quality and guaranteed to last a long time. It may be small on the outside but it is certainly big on the inside.

On average, you should expect to get about 15 shots per cubic inch on its full 4500 fill.

With this estimate, you should be able to get around 720 shots with a full fill. This varies depending on the marker you are using, the tank’s output, and its velocity.

An output pressure of 800psi is more than adequate for most paintballers but it is a great amount for novices. The aerolite system includes a 5-year hydro cycle to keep you safe in the paintball field.


  • High-quality build for a durable performance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around in games
  • Has an output pressure of 800psi
  • The aerolite system comes with a 5-year hydro cycle to ensure your safety


  • Threading between the gun and tank can come a little loose


IORMAN 4500psi Paintball Tank(Empty Bottle) Aluminum Air Cylinder Bottle with Regulator for PCP Game (0.35L / 21.5CI)

The IORMAN 4500psi Paintball Tank is built with military quality aluminum. For reliable and safe paintball tanks, this is one of the best.

You should get long-term use from this tank thanks to its premium grade AL6061 material security which is wear-resistant. Its safety is of top-quality with a safety seal design including a sealing ring groove.

For those who use high-pressure air, the IORMAN 4500psi Paintball Tank is an ideal pick. The gas cylinder includes carbon fiber properties with an intricate construction of filament winding.

It matches up with all paintballing standards including its valve thread and gas cylinder valve which has high pressure.

Its fitted regulator is a great addition with a maximum pressure of 4,500 psi. This will be a great addition to your paintballing equipment thanks to its lightweight feel and 21.5 ci capacity.


  • Includes a design safety seal to keep you and the tank safe at all time
  • Fitted with a regulator with a maximum pressure of 4500 psi
  • Has a seamless design of thread winding for extra durability
  • Made from lightweight aluminum for easy use and storage
  • The valve thread complies with the paintballing world’s standards for reliability


  • Can be a bit on the heavy side for some smaller users


Ninja 68ci/4500psi Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank GRAY

The Ninja Paintball 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber tank is another supreme piece of equipment.

You shouldn’t experience any disappointment when dealing with this tank. Reviews online mostly agree it is one of the sturdiest tanks available today.

It is designed to be long-lasting but also lightweight thanks to its carbon fiber construction. This material is strong enough to withstand many matches in the future.

Ninja are known for making the most reliable high pressure paintball systems in the world and this is no exception. Not only is it solid, but it looks great too with a stylish design.

Unlike the CO2 tank, this HPA model will give you a stronger edge over your opponent, especially as it is not prone to freezing mid match.

You can get a 4500 psi capacity tank with this carbon fiber as opposed to aluminum’s max capacity of 3000.


  • Performs very well in all conditions
  • Refuses to freeze mid match because of its HPA system
  • Made from very strong and sturdy carbon fiber
  • Can be used with all kinds of paintballs


  • A little on the expensive side compared to other models


Maddog 48/3000 Aluminum Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank with Regulator - Airgun Airsoft PCP - Fresh Hydro Date - Ships Empty - 3 Pack

Our final choice is another Maddog tank. The 48/30 Aluminum Compressed Air HPA tank is a perfect match with your marker.

Unlike our earlier Maddog entry, this uses HPA which can enhance accuracy for a more consistent performance in all weather conditions.

It is fitted with an industry-standard 3000 psi regulator for excellent flow and a stable pressure output.

The date stamped on these tanks are the date it was manufactured and each one has a 5 year re-test cycle to be used over and over again.

This is designed with safety as its top concern containing high pressure compressed air that is sealed securely for utmost protection.

Meeting and exceeding all industry standards, the Maddog 48/3000 will be a welcome addition in any paintballing game.


  • Enhanced accuracy and performance over CO2 models
  • Compatible with all standard paintball markers that operate on high pressure air
  • Very safe to use
  • Very lightweight for ease of use in paintballing games
  • Good, solid design with 5 year re-test cycle for prolonged use


  • Top metal seal is prone to denting

Best Paintball Tanks Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider before choosing your next paintball tank. Many factors help make up a reliable, durable tank.

Take a look at some of the features to consider before purchasing your next tank.

Tank Size

You should consider the size of the tank which best suits you and your capabilities.

It is vital you choose a tank that is compatible with your paintball marker and can be stored easily when not in use. Paintball tank charts are very helpful online.

Tank Material

You should also check the tank’s material.

Finding one with a solid construction, such as aluminum, will help save you money in the long run as lesser quality tanks are more prone to denting and breaking quickly.

Tank Weight

Heavy tanks will be hard to carry and will impede your performance on the battlefield.

You should always look at the weight of a tank before opting for it and make sure it is lightweight enough for you to carry easily. Remember their weights will differ with how much you put into them.

Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber Tanks

Aluminum is always a safe bet. It is lightweight and easy to cart around on the playing field. A drawback is their level of durability as they can easily dent from impacts on the field. They also only accommodate a maximum psi of 3000.

Carbon fiber is both lightweight and durable. Like aluminum, carbon fiber tanks are easy to carry but won’t dent and wear as easily. Another benefit is their higher capacity of up to 4500 psi.

Carbon fiber tanks have become ever more popular in recent years but are typically on the more expensive side. For long lasting results, carbon fiber tanks are the recommended way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CO2 tanks and compressed air tanks?

Although both very famous tanks in the world of paintballing, CO2 is typically less expensive and can be filled more easily.

On the other hand, compressed air tanks offer consistent pressure that isn’t possible with CO2 tanks.

Does a paintball tank come with a gauge?

Paintball tanks usually come with a fitted gauge.

These make it easier to monitor your air pressure but many can be replaced if preferred.

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