Empire Sniper Review

An exceptionally durable, tournament-level paintball gun.

A real tournament level paintball gun that looks outstanding and keeps durability in mind. You can guarantee premium top-notch quality performance on the field with the Empire Sniper.

It is a high-quality pump un which is based on famous WGP snipers or the Autococker design as it can also be known as. This paintball gun provides the ability to match and compete with other tournament markers whilst also being fantastically wallet-friendly at only half the cost.


This gun provides all the similar features you would find in an expensive model with the exception of the GEO3.5 which is a dominating unit in the field but will also cost you an arm and a leg to buy.

The Empire Sniper is a built from scratch marker that is bound to provide you with the most optimum, stellar high-performance you can get in a paintball marker at this price range. 

Made from aluminum it’s very light and this makes it absolutely perfect for the field, it’s sniper name lives up to itself in how exquisite it is for sneaking around the field, creeping up on your opponents, and catching them off-guard. 

It is very efficient, easily firing off paintballs very quickly, fast enough to appreciate the electric loader it is equipped with. It is exceptionally easy to load, fire, and aim and it is also easy to set up too.

Being ready from the box, basically as a plug and play so to speak. Much like other makes and models it also requires proper maintenance to keep it in its prime operating condition. 

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished Black

Delving in Deeper

The Noteable Fetaures
  • Functions at low pressure. 
  • Perfect for seasoned tournament shooters. 
  • Auto-trigger for a quickfire.
  • 10-round feed mechanism cycle.
  • In-line regulator.
  • Auto-cocker barrel threading.
  • On and Off ASA with bleed.
  • 14” aluminum barrel, with triple barrel inserts, including 675,680, and 685. 
  • Vertical feed.
  • Sniper Delrin pump hand and sled.
  • Dual stainless steel pump rods for stability.
  • Great for tournament beginners also.


As vaguely states before this is a pumpin styled paintball gun that operates on an incredibly low pressure.

And, it contains an awesome auto-cocker barrel too. This also will take your breath away with how it features threads 10 round vertical feed technology with an auto-trigger that fired off rapid shots. 

It has a beautiful 14” barrel that has 3 barrel inserts and has an all-around aluminum build. Its 3 barrels include; 675,680, and 685.

Featuring a Delrin pump handle and in-line regulator that features a swivel adaptor. Even more due to excitement and appreciation is the 300psi gauge that can be positioned on the marker. 


Empire stuck their necks out for performance in ensuring maximum comfortability, so they fortified the grip with a molded wrap with a finger groove on top!

This makes holding it so much nicer and it adds to the pleasure of its stellar shooting performance in an all-around enjoyable marker. 

This marker is somewhat of a favorite out there as it fires paintball bullets at an exceptionally fast rate, much like expensive semi-automatic markers do.

It’s been given the reputation of being a top tournament marker and is mentioned as the most elite pump marker due to its rapid-fire capabilities, accuracy, and reliability on the field. It should even allow you to easily hit a target up to and over 50ft away! 

You can even restock your paintball bullets using just two fingers and you can even do this while you take your aim during a tournament.

It is usable as well, for both left-handed and right-handed people. It also supports a .45 ergonomic grip and auto-trigger. 

With a perfect weight and ultimate ease of operation, it beats everyone else with even having an easy-to-access auto-safety button, just in case.

It also fires with absolute bare minimum noise, so you can skulk in the shadows and no one will be able to guess where that shot came from. 


With many similarities to the performance and design of this paintball gun, its functionality also exceeds its price-range expectations.

It is easily effective, too use it you only need an air bottle, paintballs, and a hopper, doesn’t get much easier than that does it?

Well, if this isn’t enough for you then you will fall in love when you hold it, as the manufacturers have also designed this sniper in a way that perfectly distributed the weight which provides an optimal balance for your use. 

It is listed amongst the small number of CCM pump guns that only weigh 2lbs. Not to mention that the on-and-off bottle connector is quite simply controlled via a lever that will easily shoot air into the air bottle and paint guns in-line controller, which is done through the use of an angles air adaptor. 

Want more? It has a small Delrin bolt that remains sealed with O-rings too! It has a clamping feed neck that properly holds the hopper in place.

The pump rods are firmly held in their places and this then ensures that all the internal parts function properly.

Then there’s the spring type pump handle, which will allow you to get hold of your target and fire off speedy shots at what feels like nearing the speed of light. 

Maintaining Your Paintball Gun

Isn’t it always a pain when you buy yourself something nice, something that will allow you to have fun and avert your eyes from the chaos of the world, and then you find out it needs about as much maintenance as a newborn baby? Not what you were looking for right?

Well, this is where the Empire Sniper also makes itself known. This model is ready and raring to go straight out of the box. No building it, putting parts together, no emotionally draining instruction manual that is as long as social media terms and conditions. 

But, it does still need some care. Any paintball gun or electrical equipment always will do. Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring durability, if durability isn’t your thing then you can avert your eyes, but we think you’d like your marker to last a while.

All you need to do is clean it properly and lube it after every field use, it makes your marker last longer and you will enjoy your shots more with proper maintenance, but don’t worry you aren’t going to have to baby it. 

But don’t forget to lube your pump rod and the rest of the unit to boost the pump stroke. 


Not only is the performance and design an absolute beauty but the price is good and with adequate maintenance, it’s extremely durable.

The construction is high-quality and will last you a long time regardless of excessive rough and tumble.  

Do be mindful about the upkeep though, this marker can last you a lifetime so make sure you do give the manual a read through so you can understand fully how much love and care it will need.  

Pump Action!

Empire designed every part of this gun to bring you the best play they could offer and it is a dream for comfort and speed.

It provides an ambidextrous adapter and has a beautiful ergonomic design. But we are big on the auto-trigger that lets for an appropriate weight allotment.

This gun is perfect for players both new to field games and pros.

Custom Features

There are few things better than when you buy yourself a treat and then you find out that you can keep customizing it and making it better and better as you save up for more and more features. 

Besides how much the Empire Sniper already offers, it also gives you limited options for upgrades and colors. It is available in two specific colors with many parts available in black, although this isn’t for everyone’s preference. 

Yet, if you are looking to see how you can customize the upgrade options there are some fun considerations.

You may be short on choice once you get accustomed to your new paintball gun but there are still options you can get to make things a little more to your taste and personal preference.

Although it may not support quite as many upgrades as other options, we have to ask, does it even really need any more? 

Final Say

We love this paintball gun, Empire has made something quite special here and we can’t quite get enough of it.

It got everything you could ask for and more, and it is far from difficult for beginners to use but is suited to paintballing veterans too. It is ambidextrous, has fast-firing, sniper-quiet shooting, and is easy to look after. 

We definitely love this product and we will with all that Empire has put into it, you will too.

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