8 Best Belly Band Holsters

My ideal citizen is the self-employed, homeschooling, IRA-owning guy with a concealed carry permit. Because that person doesn’t need the government for anything - Grover Norquist 

The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable place. Every single time we go online or turn the television on, there’s a news bulletin about a riot, a mass protest, or a rogue shooter running rampant in some downtown shopping area.

It’s becoming increasingly important for each and every single one of us to be able to exercise our Second Amendment rights and to be able to protect ourselves whenever, and wherever necessary.

That’s why more and more of us are applying for concealed carry permits so that we have the ability to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens if we’re ever placed in harm’s way.

But once you’ve got your permit, you need a way to carry your gun, one that’ll help you to keep it hidden, secure, and ready should you ever need to use it. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the eight best belly band holsters currently available for any, and all concealed carry permit holders. They’ll help you to keep your weapon disguised and out of sight, and ensure that it’s always on hand whenever you need it.

It’s time to suit up, exercise your rights, use your permit the way it was meant to be used, and, should you ever need to, to get ready to step into the line of fire and protect yourself.

It’s time to find the only concealed carry, belly band holster you’ll ever need


Belly Band Holster for Men and Women - Gun Holster by ComfortTac, Fits Smith and Wesson, Shield, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Guns for Most Pistols and Revolvers

Six years ago Joe Cochrane had a problem.

He was fed up with concealed carry holsters that were fine in Winter, but became bulky and uncomfortable during Summer or when he wanted to exercise, and his relentless search for a way to carry his Sig Sauer only came to a finish when he decided to address the issue himself. 

Joe created ComfortTac and developed their world-beating, and number one selling, belly band holster, and ComfortTac's legions of devoted fans continue to happily use.

Available in two sizes that are designed to fit anyone and everyone, this neoprene, sweatproof holster uses surgical grade elastic, so it’ll accommodate and comfortably hold just about any handgun.

With a hard plastic trigger guard and a metal snap retention strap for extra safety and a moveable magazine pouch, the ComfortTac has been made to give you all of the peace of mind that a good concealed carry holster should. 


  • Made from neoprene and surgical grade elastic, the ComfortTac has been engineered to be both comfortable and an effective way to carry your handgun at all times. 
  • It’s all also been fashioned to be worn in any way, or position that’s comfortable for you, so always be ready to react in a heartbeat. 
  • And with an extra magazine pouch included, even if you get caught in the trickiest situation you’ll always have enough ammunition to ensure that you walk out of, and away from any potentially deadly scenario.


  • Some disgruntled users have complained about manufacturing issues and the fact that the metal strap doesn’t snap open as easily as they’d hoped, and imagined, that it would.


BRAVOBELT XL Belly Band Holster - Athletic Flex FIT for Running, Jogging, Hiking - G17-43 S&W M&P 40 Shield Bodyguard Kimber (45' - 55' Belly, Black)

Bravobelt was founded with a healthy dose of revolutionary spirit and lofty ambition.

This Detroit underdog wanted to become one of the foremost names in concealed carry, and so far they’ve been doing a pretty good job of circumventing tradition and expectation by creating the sort of belly band holsters that forearms owners actually want to wear and use. 

Made with comfort in mind, Bravobelt’s holster uses its patented CoolVent neoprene and FlexFit system to ensure that it will fit snugly and comfortably and that when you want it, and need it to, your gun will pop straight into your hand.

Perfect for joggers, runners, and everyday carry, its ambidextrous modular mounting system means that it's equally secure and safe to use for both left and right-hand shooters.   


  • Compatible with most models of handguns, Bravobelt’s holster has been fashioned to ensure that concealed carry is easy and straightforward and can be worn whenever, and wherever you want to. 
  • It’s a one size fits all belly band holster that’ll readily accommodate waists up to fifty-four inches and can be used by both left and right shooters. And it also has two additional magazine pouches, so it’ll provide all the support that you’ll need to get out of any situation that you might find yourself in.  
  • And best of all? It also comes back with a full, one hundred percent money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like your Bravobelt, just return it and they’ll refund you, no questions asked.


  • Stitching can be an issue, and in rare cases can catch on, and even become entangled in, your gun when you pull it out. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can become a problem.


Upgraded Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry Vemingo Right/Left Hand Gun 17, 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP Elastic Holder for Women and Men Running, Jogging, Hiking Waistband Holster for Pistols

All that matters when it comes to carrying your weapon safely is that the holster that it’s in actually works and that it does what it’s supposed to do.

Names are like friends, they come and go and there are only a few that you’ll ever be able to truly depend on, so the fact that you’ve never heard of Vermingo?

That’s completely immaterial, all that really matters is that their holster does what it’s been made to. And it does. It does it incredibly well. 

This neoprene belly band holster comes in a variety of sizes, so regardless of what your waist measurements are, there’s one that will fit you.

Upgraded with extra strong, safe velcro, this holster has metal snap shut straps and features an additional magazine pouch so if you’re wearing the Vermingo, you’ll always be ready to face adversity whenever it shows its unwelcome face. 


  • It’s made from Neoprene so it’s been fashioned to be comfortable, durable, and hard-wearing while providing a safe, reliable, and secure holster for your weapon. 
  • And it comes in a number of different sizes too, so you’ll be able to find a Vermingo that fits you perfectly. 
  • While we’re on the subject of comfort, it’s also been made to be comfortably affordable for everyone. As soon as you see the price, you’ll be smiling all the way to Holster City.


  • It’s made in left and right-hand versions, so make sure you order the right one (or the left one as the case may be) or you’ll end up carrying at cross purposes.


Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Combat Veteran Owned Company |IWB Holster | Waist Band Handgun Carrying System | Hand Gun Elastic Holder for Pistols (Right-Handed)

Concealed Carrier is a veteran-owned company that believes in outfitting men and women with comfortable, effective, and combat-ready tactical gear.

You might not be marching off to war while wearing your belly band holster, but it’s better to be prepared to wage it than be caught unaware when it explodes around you.

And that’s where Concealed Carrier comes in. With their belly band holster strapped around your waist, you’ll always be ready if the rounds ever start flying. 

Designed to be worn in whatever position suits you best, the full neoprene belt can stretch to accommodate anything up to a forty-four-inch waist, and its holster which has fashioned from surgical elastic can securely hold most modern handguns.

With a single additional magazine pouch, this belly band holster was created by warriors for warriors and will serve you well no matter what you may run into. 


  • Made from durable, strong neoprene it's a belly band holster that’s been made to be comfortable, reliable, safe, and secure and comes with a veteran-friendly seal of approval. 
  • Whatever your choice of weapon, this belly band holster will enable you to carry it discreetly, so if you ever need to start fighting back, you’ll be able to draw fast and stand your ground. 
  • And it won’t leave a mark on your pocketbook either. As affordable as it is reliable, it’s the warrior’s belly band holster of choice.


  • While we hate to put any sort of negativity on the table when a business is veteran-owned, some not so happy customers have complained that the quality of the holster isn’t all that it can, or could, be. 
  • And it’s right hand or left-hand draw only, so make sure you choose the right holster or you’ll find yourself reaching for thin air.


Hidden Agenda Belly Band Holster by Relentless Tactical - Concealed Carry Holster fits All Handguns - Made in USA Black with Zipper - Large

Family owned and operated, Relentless Tactical was started because they wanted to bring high-quality American made tactical and concealed carry products to everyone.

Proud to be American, Relentless Tactical only uses military-grade materials and refuses to bow to mass market demands or to follow a cheaper or easier path to providing the goods and services that they swear by. 

Relentless Tactical believes in being ready for any mission and any situation, which is why their belly band holster comes in a variety of different sizes, has been made to hold any handgun and can be worn in whatever manner best suits you.

Their uniquely designed nylon grip ensures a smooth and fluid draw and the holsters ambidextrous style, means that whichever side you draw from, you’ll be ready when the action starts. 


  • Relentless Tactical adheres to a simple philosophy. You get what you pay for and while you might pay a little more for the belly band holster, it comes with the satisfaction of knowing that it’s one hundred percent American made.
  • And it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. They’re so proud of the belly band holsters that they make, Relentless Tactical guarantee them for a lifetime. If anything should start to split, fray, or come apart on your Hidden Agenda, then Relentless Tactical will replace it, or refund you, no questions asked. 
  • It’s an ambidextrous, one size fits all holster. Providing, of course, you chose the right size.


  • Some users have complained that it’s stiff, uncomfortable to wear and that if you want the right size, you have to go a size higher than you normally would.


Acelane Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry Abdominal Band Gun Holster Tactical Elastic Waist Pistols Adjustable Belly Wrap IWB OWB Mag Pouch Fits Firearm Handgun Revolvers for Men & Women

Acelane popped up on the concealed carry radar from out of nowhere and immediately made a name for themselves with their belly band holster that was marketed toward the bright young things who lived incredibly active lifestyles.

Made to cope with the stresses and strains of the modern world, Acelane’s belly band holster adopts a slightly different, though no less successful approach to self-defense. 

Using an easy thumb snap retention strap, the Acelane has been designed to carry any handgun in absolute comfort, as it’s a combination of surgical elastic and neoprene that can be worn in any of the classic styles, and has been made with the individual in mind. 

And an extra mag pouch provides all the additional peace of mind and security that you’ll need to approach every day knowing that you’ll never stumble into a dispute that you won’t be able to resolve amicably or otherwise. 


  • Purpose-built to hold any handgun, the Acelane will comfortably fit a forty-four-inch waist, and thanks to being made from neoprene, you won’t even know that you’re wearing it. 
  • The easy thumb snap strap makes sure that if you ever need to draw your weapon you can do so quickly, quietly, and efficiently.


  • It’s another right or left-handed only holster that doesn’t offer an ambidextrous option. You have to choose one or the other, and while they’re essentially the same, it’s important to remember to choose the correct one, or when you do go to reach for your weapon in an emergency, it might not be there.


Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, IWB Gun Holster for Men and Women, Most Comfortable Waistband Handgun Carrying System with Magazine Pouch, One Holster Fits Most Pistols & Revolvers (Right)

A brand that hasn’t exactly set the concealed carry world alight, Aikate prefers to let their holsters do their talking for them.

They may not be the most forthcoming holster brand, but when your belly band holsters are as good as Aikate’s are, who cares what the company responsible for their manufacture does or doesn’t haven’t to say for itself?

Made from lightweight, durable, and surprisingly comfortable to wear neoprene, this tactical grade surgical elastic holster has been made to hold any handgun in your collection.

Fashioned with comfort in mind, the easy snap strap that holds your weapon in place has been made to be released in an instant and let your gun slide effortlessly into your hand, if and, when you ever need it.

It also comes with an additional mag pouch and a bigger, secondary pouch to carry your phone or wallet in.


  • Made from neoprene, Aikate’s belly band holster has been made with the user’s convenience and ease of usage in mind, and keeps things simple so you don’t have to think when trouble finds you, you simply have to act on instinct and react to the situation that you find yourself in. And the Aikate makes that easy to do. 
  • As well as the holster and extra clip pouches, the Aikate also has enough room for your phone, wallet, or whatever other valuables you want to take with you. And thanks to having a concealed carry permit and the equipment to back it up, you know that it will be safe to carry whatever you want to in it.


  • That standard-sized Aikate belly band holster is only designed to accommodate waist sizes of up to forty-one inches. If you want to go bigger than that, you’ll have to upgrade to the next belt size up, which is, as you’ve probably guessed, more expensive. 
  • And, it’s another right or left only holster. So make sure you choose the holster that fits your draw style before you hit the checkout.


Ghost Concealment L Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Fits up to a 54' Belly | IWB Gun Holsters | Men and Women (Right)

Ghost Concealment is a family-owned brand that practices what they preach.

They carry every single day and because they do, this Utah company is obsessed with creating the most durable and the safest holster that they possibly can. 

The best isn’t good enough, which is why they continually strive to make the best even better, and their belly band holster has pushed the better envelope that little bit further. 

Realizing that a holster’s primary function is the safe carry and easy release of the weapon in its charge, Ghost Concealment has combined these factors with comfort and created a belly band holster for the ages.

Made to be worn by anyone with a waist size that reaches up to fifty-four inches, and to have a spare magazine on hand should you ever need it, this belly band holster has been made to make sure that the average American’s life is a little bit safer than it was yesterday. 


  • Style and security, along with ease of usage and comfort were high on Ghost Concealment’s agenda when they created this holster and ticks every single box that meets the demands of any concealed carry permit holder with ease. 
  • Made to stretch up to fifty-four inches, it will fit anyone and everyone. This belly band holster isn’t a fashion accessory, it’s a practical necessity. 
  • And best of all? This American made belly band holster won’t wreak havoc on your bank account or hurt your pocketbook. It’s been made to fit the average American budget and that’s exactly what it does.


  • It’s a size thing. The Ghost Concealment belly band holster is a little too big for some folks, so if you’re slightly smaller than average, it might be worth looking elsewhere for your belly band holster.

Best Belly Band Holsters Buying Guide

Which Belly Band Holster Is The Right One For Me? 

As all of the belly band holsters on our list fall within a similar budgetary grouping, the decision about which holster is the right one for you should be based purely on functionality and size.

You’ll need to ensure that whichever holster you decide to use can, and will, comfortably fit around your waist, or in whichever style you choose to wear it.  It should also have room enough for your weapon and any additional magazines that you want to carry. 

However, if you’re having difficulty choosing a belly band holster and wanted some additional advice, we’d point you in the direction of the belly band holster that we put our faith in.

And that’s the ComfortTac. Discrete, comfortable, and easily able to securely hold our favorite Sig Sauer, we’ve been using it for everyday carry for a couple of years and we’ve never worn a better holster.

Go on, give it a go and we’re sure that like us, once you do, you’ll never look back. It makes concealed carry even easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Belly Band Holster?

Belly band holsters are low profile holsters that are primarily designed to allow concealed carry permit holders to have a means to safely and securely keep their firearm (or if you prefer handgun) close at all times.

While they were originally made to be worn under clothing and around the midsection, thanks to their manufacturers engineering them to be every more versatile and adaptable, they can be worn in a number of ways according to the user’s preference.  

Most belly band holsters are also supplied with an additional magazine or storage pouch that can be used at the wearer’s discretion. 

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